Tuesday, July 5, 2011

High School Boot Camp Week

GET READY:  It's High School Boot Camp Week!
Are YOU up for the challenge?

Stone Bridge

I wanted to incorporate some cross training into my workout routine so I jogged my way over to the local high school.  

Each day this week I will present to you a fun new way to change up your regular workout.

FIRST UP:  Sprints     

On Your Marks

Get Set


1.  Go to any track.  
For those of you in really hot places (Las Vegas for example) you can go to any recreational center and use a basketball court that has AC.   

2.  Walk four laps at a warm up speed.

3.  Jog four laps at a moderate speed

4.  Run four laps at a healthy pace where you are not sprinting but you can't carry on a conversation without losing your breath.

5.  Here is where the work begins:  Walk half way around the track and sprint full force ahead around the remaining half.  Time yourself & write the times down.  If you have a heart rate monitor record your max heart rate.  Repeat the sprint cycle for 10 laps.

6.  Run four more laps at a healthy pace where you are not sprinting but you can't carry on a conversation without losing your breath.

7.  Jog eight laps at a moderate speed

8.  Walk 10 laps to cool down

9.  If you do this 2-3 times a week and record your sprint times and heart rate maximum you can see your sprint speed improve (as well as your overall pace for running).  Pushing through your fitness threshold helps keep your body from plateauing.

Enjoy!  More BOOT CAMP to come tomorrow!


  1. Wow if I did my math alright is this 24 laps? So that is 6 miles if 4 laps is a mile? WEll, I guess that doesnt sound like so much. I love going to my high school to run but its super hot here and I dont get up early. Might have to start going in the evening. Lets see if I can hack this lap recipe you made. Anything to fight a plateau!

  2. Intervals!! (That is what this is, right?) Intervals KILL me. I hate them. lol My husband had me doing 1/4 mile intervals last time I was training for a 5k and I quit on him. Once I get back up to running 3 miles easily, I'm going to add them back into my training so I can increase my speed.

  3. Lasophia - 24 laps is about 6 miles. The total workout should take about 1 hour and 10 minutes (maybe less with the sprints). I promise it flies by!

    Tiffany - Yes, it is the dreaded interval! Haha! Actually it is meant to be fun (crazy notion I know). Intervals for me make time go by faster....keeps my brain entertained.


  4. I love it! More boot camps! I'm in need of a good ol' fashioned butt whippin.

    Ask the Duplex

  5. Hi There! Thank you for stopping by and I am in need of some exercise! I'm definitely following your blog!


  6. I would totally try this if I could work out during day light. My only time to exercise is 4:30AM so I stick with DVDs. I do love intervals though, they're awesome!

  7. Melissa - I SO WISH I could work out at 4:30 am to DVD's. I'm a terrible morning worker outer......

    What DVD's do you do?


  8. Wait a minute!!! I count like 30 laps PLUS the 14 warm up/cool down laps!? This is crazy! LOL. OK but I'm still going to try it. :) :) It is boot camp, afterall....


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