Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Jessica's Lifestyle Makeover Week 6

There is much to celebrate this week!

Jessica 161

Goal Weight: 140 by Oct 1
Weigh in Last Week: 164
Weigh in This Week: 161
Total Weight Loss This Week: 3

Total Weight Loss Since May 30th: 11

HUGE week for many reasons!  First of all she surpassed the 10 pound mark.  Ten pounds is not easy and a great milestone on this journey.  Second, she is only a few pounds away from entering the 150's!  Woo hoo!  Jessica hasn't been in the 150's since high school.  Third, her clothes are WAY too big on her and everyone continues to notice her weight loss.  Who doesn't love hearing someone say how great you look or ask if you've lost weight!  Compliment are ALWAYS welcomed in my book.

All of my fashion bloggers are going to have to help make Jessica over once she gets closer to her goal!  

Normally, I post the weigh in on Monday however we had a bit of a hiccup yesterday and waited until today to share results.  Yesterday when Jessica got on the scale it showed that she was still 164.  She had felt a little off yesterday and was disappointed to not have any weight loss for the week.  Low & behold she woke up today feeling much better and when she got on the scale it showed 161.  Lesson Learned: Being self aware of your body is really important.  A scale is only a scale.  We know when our bodies aren't quite right.  Your intuition and gut instincts should always trump a scale!


  1. yeah! go her! I had my "weigh in" this morning and I havent budged a lb. Same as last week, this is week one. But I swear I felt like I had lost weight oh well. Maybe need to diet more extremely. p.s. sending jams your way soon.

  2. Congratulations! Keep up the great work, you can definitely reach your goal... love your outfit too!


  3. Hi Sarah! I really love this series of posts because I need to lose some pounds, not a large amount, but like you said, losing more than 10 pounds is really hard!!!!!

    Jessica, that is just fabulous! You look so good.

    :-) Marion

  4. Inez of Style Chic 360 - Thanks for the comment! This has been fun a really fun project for me!

    Bad Joan - Jessica has worked really hard! Thanks for the outfit compliment!

    Marion - The last 10 is the hardest. It is totally all about nutrition & mixing up your workouts.

  5. Wow.... 10 pounds lost in weight is significant! She is doing fantastic and her hard work is paying off!

  6. thats great and a good weight loss goal


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  7. Hi Sarah! I got your message. I would *love!* to have coffee with you when you are in Milwaukee! It was a super great surprise to read your message right before bed that I had a little trouble settling my zeal down to sleep!

    Another interesting thing: I was talking to my daughter Katarina, who is a college student at Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh, last night about meeting my blogger buddy from Virginia for coffee. She said, "Well, take her to Alterra instead of Starbucks, because Alterra is classier."

    You see, I had not told her that your company has acquired Alterra. So, I thought you'd like to know about that spontaneous compliment about Alterra.

    :-) Marion


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