Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Jessica's Lifestyle Makeover Week 4

So I've been a bit MIA!  I guess you could call me Get Up & Gone not Get Up & Go.....I had a little trouble staying focused on my recent trip to Las Vegas.  How was I supposed to find my get up & go when I was distracted by this.....


So now you at least know what I had to deal with.  Co workers and cowboy hats.  So now to the real reason for this post......

Weigh In Week 4 by Sarag.G.Grecco

Weight Last Week:  167
Weight This Week: 164
Weight Loss for the Week: 3 (Woo to the Hoo) 

Total Weight Loss Since 
Monday, May 30th: 8 

Jessica lost the most weight this week while I was out of town......hmmmmm....maybe I've got something to learn.

We are 30 days in and here are the differences she notices so far:

1.  Mood - Leaving the gym makes her happier.  At first it was tough because she wasn't regularly working out and was always sore.  Now she has a foundation of fitness to work from.

2.  She doesn't find the dieting part as hard as she thought.  I asked her what she missed the most and she said nothing.  I really haven't heard her crave much since she started.  Impressive!  She still has a few sweets every week (this week a cookie and a Weight Watchers dessert bar).

3.  The gym has officially become part of her daily routine.  Even on her off days Jessica finds herself wanting to do something active.          

Who knows.  Maybe she'll hit the 10 pound mark next week!


Weigh In Week 4, a photo by Sarag.G.Grecco on Flickr.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

It's Hot & I've Gone Bananas!

I'm melting.....literally.  I'm in Las Vegas and temperatures have reached 113 degrees.  Walking from the parking lot into a grocery store seems similar to trekking across the Sahara.

I'm staying with my sister and my genius mother brought over something that she used to make when I was a kid.  Chocolate Covered Bananas on a stick.....

Low calorie, satisfying and an easy way to cool you down.  Enjoy!


  • 4 medium ripe but firm bananas
  • 8 wooden craft sticks
  • 3 tablespoons finely chopped lightly salted peanuts
  • 6 ounces good quality dark chocolate (60 to 70 percent cocoa solids), chopped


Peel, then cut each banana in half crosswise and insert a craft stick into each half. Place on a tray, cover with plastic wrap and place in the freezer until frozen, about 3 hours.

Place the peanuts in a shallow dish or on a plate. Melt the chocolate in the top of a double boiler over slightly simmering water, over the lowest possible heat, stirring frequently. Make sure the water is not touching the bottom of the top pan. Pour the melted chocolate into a tall glass. Dip each frozen banana into the chocolate, turning it to coat, and immediately roll in the peanuts. Place on a tray covered in waxed paper. Serve immediately or wrap individually in plastic wrap or waxed paper and freeze for up to 2 weeks.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sweet Disposition by Temper Trap

This song has a great build.  Run on a hill at a steady pace and then pick it up as the music gets faster.  Just follow the flow of the music and I promise you'll feel better!!  There is also a remix version below that has a unique beat.  Either work just depends on your personal taste!

Also below is a suggestion from LaSophia recent winner of my musical madness giveaway.  Her taste in music is different from mine which I love!  Nothing better than exploring music from a group you've never heard before!

One of the picks from LaSophia:

Monday, June 20, 2011

Jessica's Lifestyle Makeover: Weigh In #3

This is Jessica with her
 "I bet you can't guess how much weight I lost" face.....

Jessica's Lifestyle Makeover
Weigh in Number 3

Weight Last Week:  169
Weight This Week: 167
Weight Loss for the Week: 2 

Total Weight Loss Since 
Monday, May 30th: 5 

Jessica is on a steady road to a healthier lifestyle!  Slow & consistent weight loss is the best way to make sure the weight stays off long term.  GO JESSICA!

Lesson of the Week: Know what you eat BEFORE you eat it!

Jessica has been so diligent about tracking what she eats on  I'm impressed by her will power and ability to say no to things like chocolate cake.  The website is great because it accounts for your own height, weight and age along with your personal weight loss goal.  Jessica's goal is 2 pounds per weeks which is no easy task.  The site also breaks down the percentage of carbs, fat, fiber & protein you eat daily so that you can see where you might be off balance.  Anyway, she has been doing amazing minus one little lesson we learned on Father's husband made spare ribs on the grill to celebrate the occasion.  Jessica and I opted for turkey burgers (which were delicious by the way) but decided to splurge on 1 spare rib each.  How bad can it be right????   WRONG MOVE!  After dinner we looked up how many calories and fat are in one rib and in ONE RIB there are 300 calories and 26 grams of fat!!!!  That is almost all of her fat grams for one day!  While the ribs were delicious it wasn't really worth it.  Splurging is great but we now know we need to look things up before hand.  I'm normally pretty good at knowing how many calories are in food but ribs I was clearly not in the know.  After dinner we decided to take a quick stroll around the neighborhood to at least work off the calories in the ribs......One hour and 3 long hills later the rib calories were gone.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

You Don't Have To Run Away With The Circus But........

......You totally could like my friend Lindsey did!  

We all get burnt out from our regular workout routines.  You can only go to the gym for so long before you need a break.  There are so many other things you can do to switch it up and keep your body from getting Trapeze Lessons!  Yes, you read correctly: TRAPEZE LESSONS.  My friend Lindsey signed up for a 10 week course (1 class a week) and gets to do a performance at the end.  Who doesn't want to learn how to swing from one platform to another in a fancy sequined costume?  Not only is this a cool concept but a very challenging workout and an AMAZING way to use muscles you don't even know you have.  Talk about arm strength.  Lindsey said after 10 weeks she noticed a major difference in her arm strength.  Let me just say her arms look toned and fantastic in her cute summer dresses.

If you are still confused about what the heck trapeze lessons are check out this video of Lindsey doing one of her trapeze tricks!

Here is your chance to be like Reese Witherspoon in Water for Elephants or Lindsey Clark in Washington DC.

Here is the link to her trapeze school. 

Saturday, June 18, 2011

New Cardio Routine with Music!

I love this treadmill workout.  It goes by so fast and you end up running a longer distance by adding so many sprints.  This is also a great way to train for a long distance run like a 10k or 1/2 marathon.  Playlist below!
  1. Warm Up:  5 Minutes at incline 1.0 and speed 4.0
  2. Walk Speed Will Be:  4.0 
  3. Sprint Speed Will Be:  7.7
  4. Sprint for 30 seconds then walk for 30 seconds
  5. Sprint for 45 seconds then walk for 45 seconds
  6. Sprint for 60 seconds then walk for 60 seconds
  7. Sprint for 1:15 then walk for 1:15
  8. Sprint for 1:30 then walk for 1:30
  9. Repeat to the end of the workout (recommend 30 minutes of this routine not including warm up & cool down)
  10. Cool Down:  5 minutes at incline 0.0 and speed 3.5
    1. The Golden Age by The Asteroids Galaxy Tour
    2. Ready, Steady, Go by Paul Okenfold
    3. Float on by Modest Mouse
    4. Did it Again by Shakira
    5. Bright Lights Bigger City by Cee Lo Green
    6. Pogo by Digitalism
    7. Let it Rock by Kevin Rudolf & Lil Wayne
    8. Joke and the Their by Wolfmother
    9. Breathe (General MidiRemix) by Dylan Rhymes and Jono Fernandez
    10. Promises, Promises by Incubus

      Tuesday, June 14, 2011

      Let's Get Nuts

      Here is an awesome article I got from someone about nuts.  I eats nuts often but probably over do it with how many and how often.  

      Health Benefits of Nuts
      Nuts are heart-healthy. Eating 5 or more ounces of nuts per week can lower the risk of heart disease. Nuts are high in “good” fats such as monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. They are low in “bad” fats like saturated fat and also low in cholesterol. Some nuts, such as walnuts, are very rich in the polyunsaturated fat, known as omega-3 fatty acid or alpha-linolenic acid. Nuts are a source of vegetable protein, magnesium, folate and fiber. This may help explain why nuts can lower blood cholesterol levels. 
      Nuts have a lot of calories per serving. Therefore, you should limit the amount you eat. Aim for 1 to 2 tablespoons daily or up to 5 ounces weekly. Replacing other foods in your diet with nuts will help you avoid weight gain. 
      Tips for Adding Nuts to Your Daily Food Plan 
      • Sprinkle walnuts in a garden salad
      • Add nuts to a high-fiber breakfast cereal 
      • Make your own trail mix using nuts, pretzels, dry cereal and dried fruit
      • Add cashews or peanuts to a stir-fry meal
      • Snack on celery sticks or apples with natural peanut, walnut or almond butters
      • Top salmon with crushed pistachio nuts 
      • Roast pine nuts and add them to pesto or marinara sauce
      • Top non-fat frozen yogurt with walnuts 
      • Add almonds to green beans
      Nutrients in Selected Nuts
      Serving Size: 1 oz (28 grams) dry-roasted nuts

      Total fat
      Saturated fat
      Monounsaturated fat (g)
      Polyunsaturated fat (g)
      Almonds (22 pieces)
      Cashews (18 pieces)
      Filberts/Hazelnuts (12 pieces)
      Macadamia nuts
      (10-12 pieces)
      Peanuts (35 pieces)
      Pecans (20 halves)
      Pine nuts (167 pieces)
      Pistachio (49 pieces)
      Walnuts, English
      (14 halves)

      Monday, June 13, 2011

      Jessica's Second Official Weigh In

      Don't forget about Sarah's Music Madness Giveaway!  Click HERE to enter for a free $25 iTunes gift card.

      Jessica's 2nd Official Weigh In

      Last Week Weight:  169
      This Week Weight:  169
      Weekly Weight Loss:  0 lbs
      Total Weight Lost: 3 lbs
      Goal Weight:  140 by October 1st

      Many of you might be thinking Bummer, she didn't lose any weight this week but actually this week was a MAJOR success!  Jessica spent 5 days at the beach with friends which isn't the best environment to go hard with your lifestyle makeover workouts.  You've got things like beer, drinks with umbrellas and fried food on the boardwalk.  With all of that temptation Jessica managed to maintain her weight for the week.  YAY!  How did she do it?  Below are a few actions she took to ensure she did the best she could while also trying to have fun and take a beach vacation:

      1. She made sure not to eat out for breakfast or lunch.  She purchased her own healthy snacks and made lunch so that she was never hungry but always had food ready.  
      2. Jessica spent lots of time getting in the water which actually is a great way to burn calories on vacation.
      3. Her dinner choices included seafood with no butter and things like shrimp which are high in protein and low in calories.  
      4. Ate pizza - YES!  This is good!  Splurging a little is important while you are on vacation.  Jessica used PORTION control so she could have what she wanted without going crazy.
      All in all it was not a big weight loss week but successful as she used what she has learned and did the best she could.

      Also, today is Jessica's birthday!  She indulged in a little piece of pie but proceeded to leave the rest at her mother's choice! 

      Sunday, June 12, 2011

      Dress Like The Athlete You Want To Become

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      Virginia Beach
      Rock & Roll 1/2 Marathon

      San Diego
      Rock & Roll

      Ok, so maybe these aren't the best examples of when I dressed like the athlete I wanted to become.  These picture took place when I got a crazy idea to run a marathon and put on whatever was in my dresser drawers.  Now that I am a Spinning instructor I find that dressing like the athlete I want to become helps me reach my fitness goals.  Do you think Lebron James has an athletic fitness breakthrough wearing a worn down sneakers and a slightly deflated basketball?  Probably not!  I also think it is important to look and feel your best when you are working out.  I know, I are only sweating in these clothes but I promise if you invest is the best shoes, moisture wicking socks and properly fitted shirts you will not only look great but feel more comfortable during your workout.

      Here are a few brands & places I like to buy workout gear:

      Brands: Asics & Saucony (I'm not a fan of New Balance, Adidas or Nike)
      Stores: Zappos & DSW have the best deals.  You can always go to a running store for the first time and have them fit you for the perfect shoe.

      Brands:  Reebok, Danskin & Champion
      Stores:  Zappos also has great clothes.  You can also get good generic & name brands at Marshall's or TJ Maxx.  I also find that Target's Champion brand works great and is affordable.  Lululemon or Lucy are my favorite when I am going to splurge a little.

      Saturday, June 11, 2011

      The Golden Age by The Astroid Galaxy Tour

      This video is AWESOME and the girl is a KNOCKOUT with great swagga.....YES I wrote swagga.......

      Also, don't forget to enter the Sarah's Musical Maddness Giveaway by clicking HERE.

      Friday, June 10, 2011

      Sarah's Musical Madness Giveaway!

      WINNER SELECTED!  Congrats to LaSophia for being Sarah's Music Madness Giveaway!  Check out here blog HERE.


      No lie, I listen to music for at least 3 hours a day (thank you Sirius Radio).  When I get ready for work, on my way to work, at the gym, when I walk my dog.  It never gets old.  I'm also constantly looking for the perfect songs for my Spin classes which will motivate my attendees.  I know which songs make me Get Up & Go but what about you?  

      Become a follower of Get Up & Go and be entered to win a $25 iTunes gift card to make your very own ideal playlist!  For those of you who are already followers you are automatically entered (just follow the red instruction below).  Winner will be announced on Friday, June 17th.

      Here is what you need to do to win the gift card:
      Become a follower by clicking on the "Follow Me" button on the Get Up & Go webpage
      Post a comment on this post of your favorite workout song that gets you motivated

      Below you will find my current favorite workout playlist to help unleash your inner DJ......

      Let It Rock by Kevin Rudolf & Lil Wayne
      Ridin' by Chamillionaire & Krayzie Bone
      Amsterdam by Paul Okenfold
      Stiff Upper Lip by AC/DC
      Love Lockdown by Kanye West
      Uprising by Muse
      Waiting for the End by Linkin Park
      If I Ever Feel Better by Phoenix
      How You Like Me Now by The Heavy

      Thursday, June 9, 2011

      Yo, Yo, Yo, Yolk!

      Egg Beaters

      Fresh Vegetables 

      Microwaveable Omelette Dish

      = Low calorie, high protein breakfast in 10 minutes!

      This is my staple breakfast!  It is really easy and can be totally different from day to day.  I got my omelette dish at Bed, Bath & Beyond for $10.   You can pretty much throw anything in the omelette dish.  Here are my favorite omelette recipes using egg beaters (or 1 real egg and 2 egg whites) & whatever is in my house.  Just keep fresh ingredients in tupperware for you to use during the week.

      1. Mexican Omelette- Black bean & corn salsa, sliced olives, green onions, jalapenos, banana peppers and tabasco sauce.
      2. Veggie Omelette - Mushrooms, sliced black olives, broccoli & low fat cheddar.
      3. The Everything - Spinach, tomatoes, meat (turkey bacon or real bacon), low fat feta cheese, onions & red peppers.

      If you have an idea for an omelette please SHARE!