Monday, July 18, 2011

Absolutely FABulous Day 5: Back Me Up People!

ABsolutely FABulous 
14 Day Challenge 

14 days worth of Ab Workouts, Healthy Habits & Positive Thinking



I'm always striving for a strong and sexy back so I can feel confident in clothes with interesting backs like this.........

Back Cut Outs

Garden Party Dress

Happy Monday 
Here is the challenge:

AB Challenge:  Lower back extensions.  4 Sets of 20.

Back Extensions


Even workout clothes have cool backs!


Healthy Habit Challenge: I rarely slow down.  My brain is running a million miles a minute at ALL TIMES.  Today I'm going to attempt to meditate for 5 full minutes.  Last time I tried this I got to 2 full minutes and was SO PROUD.  Here's what you do:  Lay on the floor before bed.  Set a 5 minute timer.  Shut your eyes (don't sleep) and let your brain go blank until the timer goes off.  Eliminate all thoughts (this is the hardest part)....I usually never make it to 5 minutes.  But I sure as heck am trying!

Positive Thinking Challenge: Forgive someone.  Anyone.  It could be the guy who just cut you off during rush hour traffic or the snooty barista at a local coffee shop.  Just forgive.  Hating & anger require too much wasted energy.  

Ahhh ZEN.

PS - In my next life I want to be a house dog.  Sleep, eat, run, play.  See Ruby below....

This is in the life


  1. Oh man, meditation is SO HARD! But definitely beneficial if you stick with it. Thanks for the reminder to sloooowww dooowwnnn once in a while.

  2. Oh wow....these are some great exercises! I sit in an office all day so I could really use these back strengthening exercises! Meditation is like me in Eat Pray Love when she first tries it... HAHA!

  3. Hi Sarah! I love/hate the locust pose, because it's hard but it does such good stuff for the back, butt and legs. So you do reps of these? Interesting! I just hold it as long as I can--(which isn't really very long but feels like forever!)

    I've never really caught on to meditation, but I would like to. The closest I've gotten is just sitting in the back yard in a lawn chair with absolutely nothing going on. Time stood still a little while--so that was something.

    :-) Marion

  4. I love how you are incorporating outfit posts into your fitness posts. And that dress was one of my faves! I love it on you. Go ahead and copy my headband, I copied it from someone Im sure. Thats what fashion blogs are for! Ruby looks so chill, haha.

  5. your blog's inspirational!
    gonna exercise! go!


    thanks for your comment, sorry for the late reply!!

    pop me a visit if you have time :3

  6. this is sooo inspiring! i must admit, i haven't been working out like i used to and i so need to strengthen my core since i have a problematic back. last year i was diagnosed with a mayofascial pain syndrome. i need those back exercises than ever before! i am your new follower and hopefully following you will remind me to work out more! ;)


  7. Exactly where were you going in that fabolous dress-it's gorgeous! I love your workout tips too! You're inspiring me to get back into a regular workout routine with all of your tips-these are really helpful and easy to do from home.

  8. Emma - Agreed! I got only to 1 minute 30 seconds yesterday when I tried to meditate. Work in progress right?

    B.Inspired - I love that book! Sorry you are stuck in an office. You should bring a balance ball to work and sit on that instead of a chair. A friend of mine did that and lost a dress size.

    Marion - I do reps, yes. I do them slow and hold the post for a few seconds. It makes a hug difference.

    Lasophia - I love your feedback. I am adding more fashion to my posts but I'm not quite a fashionista. My style is a little more plain jane.

    Florence - Thanks for the visit!

    Candy - These help strengthen your back in a major way! Hopefully i will inspire you to work out! That is my goal.....hahah.

    Miss Rockwell - I try to make these easy to do at home and stuff that will be fun not lame. Glad you liked the dress. Went to a daytime garden party. It was a hit.



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