Thursday, July 7, 2011

Boot Camp Week: Mid Section Extravaganza

I had to take a break from the outside boot camp for a day!  It is almost 100 degrees PLUS an obscene amount of humidity.  Holy Hotness Batman....

The below shirt I bought for $5 and feel so happy when I wear it.  Who doesn't love a shirt with Super Woman, Wonder Woman & Cat Women?


Ok, let's get to business.  You are probably wondering what the heck I am doing.....That's ok so was my husband.

What Are Those?

Meet my 2 pound Reebok ankle weights that I keep under my bed. Purchased at Target (also found at Marshall's) for $12.99.

Ankle Weights

We can't forget about the Mid Section during boot camp week.  Do 75 bicycle crunches with 2 pound weights to show your abs who's boss!  You can obviously do these without the weights too but the weights will create more of a challenge for you.

Bicycle Crunches

Why Are Bicycles So Effective?
The reason why it's so good is that it brings more abdominal muscles into play than any other ab exercise. That also makes it even more important that you have good form throughout.

TIPS on the Perfect Bicycle Crunch
--Breathe steadily, try and get into a rhythm.
--Keep your core muscles braced throughout, this will ensure your lower back stays pressed against the floor.
--Focus on making your abdominal muscles do the work.
--Don't push your head forward with your hands, this will put pressure on your neck. Lightly support your head with your fingers behind your ears.
--Your elbows don't need to touch your knees.
--Don't lose form just to complete the set. If you're struggling then stop and rest.


  1. I need to try some of these exercises right away.

    Thanks for the comment and for following. :))

  2. Inez - Who doesn't need new exercises? Haha.....If you got ideas please share!

    Julie - Thanks for the comment. Hope you find them useful!

  3. Go you:) You're amazing! I'm inspired to get off the computer and do a few crunches!!

  4. Um, I am going to need that shirt. Immediately. If not sooner.

    Love this post. Love you. Love Lenny's butt in the picture! :-)

  5. Lead Like a Girl - I knew you'd like this shirt! Lenny's butt is pretty cute. He is very athletic ya know.


  6. Wildruffle - That is the point! I'm here to inspire, motivate and make you laugh. Thanks for the comment.

    Get Up & Go

  7. What a great idea. I have leg weights that have been under my bed for 5 years. You have motivated me to bust my abs on commerials. Love!

  8. Put those to good use Edwina! Yay!


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