Friday, July 1, 2011

This Counts As A Work Out Right?

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Pattern Overload
This is why you should coordinate what you wear
with your family PRIOR to leaving the house!  We are pattern OVERLOAD!

I am a VERY routine person on a daily basis (boring I know) so when I go to a new location I find it difficult to do my typical workout.  Especially when I am the same city as my family and friends (Las Vegas).  So being in Las Vegas for 7 days with a million distractions I defined workouts a little differently. Oh and did I mention it was 110 degrees outside?  There goes my daily outside runs....I thought I could work out at my sisters house but I totally forgot that people keep their AC at around 80 degrees....which to me is still too HOT!   I did the best I could and found a workout that suited my needs.

Check out my 5 hour workout that left me SO tired but incredibly satisfied....

My AMAZING friend Shana Dahan from ColorBlind took me on an adventure I will never forget.  Thrifting!  Yes, I count 5 hours of trying on clothes a workout.  I was sweaty and starving afterward and had to have burned at least 500 calories.  I tried on over 75 outfits people!  That is NOT and easy task.  

Shana basically took me to a few thrift shops with the intention of getting me out of my fashion comfort zone.  I bought things like 70's onsies and "Oksie Woksies" which are shirts made prior to 1990.  Every time she picked something up I made a "that's ugly" face but she still made me try things on.  To my surprise I loved many of the items that looked "ugly" on the hanger.  You can see some of the items I tried on by clicking HERE.  I kept saying things to Shana like "I don't wear that style" or "that would look better on you."  She called me out and said I had too many rules.  Which was true.  

So my Lesson Learned: Get rid of your rules both in fashion and fitness.  Yes it was too hot in Vegas (still just an excuse not to work out) and NO I do not think onsies are my style (now I do though).  Change & personal growth don't happen by setting tons of expectations and rules for yourself.  Break out and do something a little different.


  1. Love it!!! Good for you stepping out of your rules (and into our Vegas heat). Glad you had fun despite the break in your routine! :-)

  2. Haha was that pattern overload an accident? I love it.

  3. Lasophia - Yes this pattern overload was a TOTAL accident! Brilliant right? I don't think you could plan it if you tried!

    Maddelena - Thanks for the comment!


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