Friday, July 15, 2011

The ABsolutely FABulous Challenge: Day 2

ABsolutely FABulous 
14 Day Challenge 

14 Ab Workouts, Healthy Habits & Positive Thinking

Day 2

Daily Ab Challenge:  Today we'll keep it simple with crunches.  Do 4 sets of 25 in the middle, left side (obliques) & right side.  Yes folks, you counted correctly. That is 300 crunches total.  

Healthy Habit Challenge:  Yesterday was fruits and today is veggies.  I'm terrible about eating veggies so I add carrots to my homemade shakes.  I've also added veggies like celery & kale which are almost tasteless (and low cal) but packed with nutrients.  See my shake from yesterday with carrots, cherries, peaches, oranges & blueberries.

Goddess Shake

Snack Shake

Positive Thinking Challenge: Write down 3 things you like about yourself.  We are all fabulous and should cut ourselves a break once in awhile!  Often we are our harshest critic.  Here are my 3...

1.  My Hair:  I hated it as a kid (curly, red...I mean come on!).  I've learned to embrace and appreciate it for what it is.....LARGE & IN CHARGE!

2.  My Arms:  I do push ups EVERY night before I got to bed.  It makes me feel look better in tank top dresses...haha.......see below.

3.  My Attitude:  I choose to look at the glass half full.  It isn't always easy but helps me to not sweat the small stuff.  The grass is always greener on my side!

Ay, ay

I would love to hear about what you are doing!  Do you have an AB workout you love?  A healthy habit you live by?


  1. As I was crawling into bed last night, I remembered your challenge and told my hubs about it. He thought it was a FABulous idea and so I'm starting today for sure! You're inspiring. =)

    Before having kids, I just did crunches and had a nice little 6-pack. Now it's just mush and I haven't put any effort into getting it back in shape... But I do like to start my day off with a run. It makes me feel so much healthier all day long!

    And finally, you're adorable in your nautical sundress! You definitely have great arms!

  2. LOVE your idea about adding veggies to a fruit that out there in the stores somewhere?

  3. 300 crunches is a lot! Doing 100 would be about right for me, haha

    Doing pushups before bed is a good idea, amazing how just doing pushups makes you way stronger in the upper body. I do about 15-20 a day, and I am already way stronger on bench press and other arm/chest exercises that I do in the gym. Though I try to avoid exercising right before bed because then my heartrate spikes and I can't go to sleep as well. I try to not do any exercise 2 hours before I go to sleep.

    That's great that you like Wolfmother, I'm a big fan of them. I've seen them twice in concert, they are a lot of fun.

    Yea, I'm probably one of the few guys that watches Gossip Girl, haha And that is hilarious that you have a girl crush on Blake Lively! Yea, I thought she did great in The Town too! My guess is that we'll be seeing her in more movie roles soon!

  4. I'm totally going home and crunching. And then eating. Nomnom.

    And I know, I'm a total rand-o. Whoops.

  5. Can I just say how inspiring you are??? I am challenging myself to 300 crunches! I am also going to try that smoothie. I knew about kale and what not but never thought about carrots and I have a ton in my fridge right now!

    I also LOVE your positive thinking challenge! Such a good way to look at things. Oh, and I love your adorable dress! Okay, so basically I just love your whole blog :) Have fun at the comedy club this weekend... I've always wanted to go to one! :)

  6. Hi Sarah! I love the idea of your veggie/fruit shake. Also, you really do have a super attitude about fitness and life!

    I LOVE push-ups! They are the opposite of bench press, except that more body muscles are used. So one of my upper body workouts each week includes at least 100 push-ups (sometimes up to 350 push-ups!) I do several varieties.

    My favorite AB exercise that I love to hate is half boat pose. It works the upper AB muscles, which must be why I hate it but still want to do it.

    Another AB exercise recommended by our Iyengar yoga instructor was a straight leg spinal twist on your back, going back and forth from right to left. It really works the obliques.

    My biggest problem isn't the exercise, it is the eating. I need to learn to de-stress better. I've had lots of important deadlines lately. My mind has been racing.

    :-) Marion

  7. Hey girl! Thanks for following! Can't wait to check out your blog!

  8. This is really amazing, keep up the good job :).

  9. Hey Everyone! Thanks for the comments.

    Tiffany - Glad you got your hubs in on it. Could you maybe get my hubs in on it? Haha.

    Nelly - Wolfmother does rock. I would LOVE to see them in concert!

    Ty - Crunching then eating? Can I come?

    Chelsea - Glad you dig the positive thinking part of this challenge. I think if everyone saw the world glass half full we would all be happier....

    Marion - 100 push up? You can do that? You are my idol! I can do about 11....not quite 100 but I'll get there.

    Missy - Glad we are bloggy friends.

    Jazz E - How do you respond as a heart? I see people do it all the time but am to tech dumb to figure it out! Haha. Heart right back at ya.

    Tereza - Thanks!


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