Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The ABsolutely FABulous Challenge: Day 6

ABsolutely FABulous 
14 Day Challenge 

14 days worth of Ab Workouts, Healthy Habits & Positive Thinking


AB Challenge:  Planks. I love these but I hate these.  That is the beauty of them....I'm not just doing regular  planks but SUPER planks.  Let me show you....ok let my gracious fitness model Allison show you.

Start in plank with your arms straight
and directly under your shoulders.
Go down on your left elbow.
Keep your body as close to parallel
to the floor as possible.

Now do the right arm.

Repeat for 1 full minute.
Take a 30 second recovery.
Repeat the above for 5 rounds.

By the end you will feel like above! Haha

Healthy Habit Challenge:  Breathe.  For real.  Like Breathe in and breathe out.  10 full breaths.  When I do this I feel so much better.....and a lot less stressed.

Positive Thinking Challenge:  Smile.  Often.  I swear people look so much better when they smile.

PS - I found this belt for $3.  Woo to the hoo.  Plus don't I look serious in front of my new desk?  It is business time people!



  1. Hi Sarah! I have a love/hate relationship with planks too. They are such a super exercise but I can never feel too awesome at them because otherwise I should just hold them longer--right?

    :-) Marion

  2. PLANKS! The exercise I love to hate. But I do love them so much. They are such a great core workout!

  3. LOVE the skirt that you are wearing. I need one just like that but in black for work! I practically live in pencil skirts for work, you just can't go wrong :)

  4. I'm going to try that out right now! haha:) love the outfit and new desk btw!!:)

    Farah from FashionFabrice

  5. My dance teacher used to make us stay in plank position for 3 minutes straight. She said that was what a healthy fit person could do. this was on hard wood floor. We could fall, but we had to get back up, and she always picked a slow song for us to do it to haha. I miss her. You look like DA BOSS by that desk, watch out!

  6. All of those plank positions you have above are tough! I do plank often, it is a great workout. And you probably already know this, but you got to make sure that the back is straight the whole time, I noticed that Allison's back is curving in the last picture (I'm assuming because she was getting really tired). I wish I had someone to do planks with, haha

  7. I need to try this plank position.... I've got some friends who have recently gotten into yoga and they've been talking about all these different exercises in class. I feel like they're speaking a foreign langauge!

  8. I was following Tony Horton's ab tape, and he does a lot of plank work. I really felt it in my body the next day, but I knew they were working! Love it!

    Shasie of Live Life in Style
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  9. Oh my goodness, I tried that awhile ago, and could not do it! It is extremely harder than it looks!! As for my dress, you'll have to find one too! ;)

    Missing Amsie Blog

  10. Super cute outfit! I have a love/hate relationship with planks too

  11. I agree..smiling is definitely contagious and it will undoubtedly make you feel better even on your worst days!

  12. Thanks everyone for the awesome comments!


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