Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Song of the Week: Who Doesn't Love & Little Sun?

Stare Into The Sun by Graffiti6
I use this song for many things:  Working out, getting ready, cooking, cleaning my closet, a little motivation in the car before a meeting.  Enjoy!

Starting TOMORROW: 
The ABsolutely FABulous Challenge


  1. I cant wait for the The ABsolutely FABulous Challenge!!

  2. I really really like this song! I'm going to have my daughter order it for itunes for me (when she orders her songs). It has a great melody, good singing, and very quirky. :D

    I *really value* getting a new fun song for my ipod playlist for workouts. So thank you for that!

    I'm posting a new playlist this week too, but I do really like how you have the video as the post. Maybe I'll do that sometime.

    Re: your ABsolutely FABulous Challenge starting tomorrow--I accept. I have this awful layer of pudge on my gut right now, right over hard ab muscles--which is just sick, ya know! So I hope that cutting the excess carbs and junk food is part of it.

    :-) Marion

  3. Thanks for the recommendation. This song seems like it's good for versatile listening and love the video!

  4. Oh this is such a great song! Thanks for sharing.



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