Monday, October 31, 2011

Spooky and a little dorky.....

You know what I love more than being sick from too much candy corn?  

Childhood Halloween photos of myself 
from years past....

Have a Safe & Happy Halloween!

Circa 1986 

Circa 1985

Circa 1984

Circa 1979
Drunk Party Baby

Circa 1983
Mad Scientist

Ok, this wasn't really halloween but don't I look like the Fresh Prince of Bel Air in that shirt?

Ok, you got me....this is really Christmas.  But clearly I know how to rock a Santa sweater!

Circa 1982
Circus Freak on Tricycle

Circa 1980
Phone Operator 

Circa 1981


  1. These photos are fantastic! I love how fun you are and that you aren't afraid of your tendencies toward dorkiness. :)

  2. Ha ha ha! I think the cowgirl was my favorite. Happy Halloween!

  3. Omg, I'm cracking up. Geez, I'm going to have to pull out the old photos and look at them!

  4. SO CUTE!!! I wish I could do a post like this but all my photos are locked up in storage!! BOO! Happy Halloween:)

  5. Ahaha GREAT pictures! You really covered all the classics :-)

  6. I LOVE THESE PHOTOS!! hahaha TOO cute! What are you this year?!

  7. Drunk party baby takes the cake. My 21 year old niece actually was a Jack in the box this year. She sent me drunk photos. Hilarious. Happy Halloween.

  8. You do look like the Fresh Prince! Cute pics and I love the drunk baby!

  9. These photos are the best! Can you please find those glasses and rock them again?!?! I like the cowgirl costume! So cute!

  10. So cute in all those costumes!

  11. Those are really cute pictures. you look like mommy's smart little girl!


  12. LOVE these! My favorite is the drunk party baby! Ha ha ha! All of your costumes were adorable though!

  13. Hahahaha, Drunk party baby is totally my favorite! Definitely got a kick out of these!

  14. LOVING those pics... I love old Halloween pictures... they're so much fun! And I really wish I would've been a drunk party baby one year too!

    Hope you had a great one! XOXO, Stephanie @ Blonde Highlights

  15. Hi new follower here! :)

    Those pictures are so adorable and so 80's!! Drunk party baby made me laugh out loud. Good thing I'm at work!

  16. hahaha... ! These are so darn cute... when I was little My mom let me dress up as a hooker.... yup like grade 3... I should find the pictures for that! I love the drunk baby.... its too funny! Thanks for stopping by to say hello! I love that darn beagle more than anything...!


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