Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Count Chocula & Chocolate Colored Dress

Is this even real?  The only thing scary about this cereal is the ingredients!  Do people really eat this stuff?  Maybe I'm missing out....

Why would anyone want to by cereal with characters on the cover that only have one tooth?  I'm so confused.

Everyone has their vice I suppose.  I really can't judge because mine is circus peanuts.  I'm not proud of this but it is what it is......

What I do like is this brown dress I got for $2 in San Luis Obispo, California at a thrift shop.  I'm on the search for a thick yellow belt to go with this dress.  If you find a cool one LET ME KNOW.

I got these earrings for $1 at Pier 1.  How random?  Who even knew they sold earrings?  I love their home decor and am glad to see they've jumped into accessories...

The belt is another find at Savers in Las Vegas for $1. I got this with Shana from ColorBlind.

I added my nude fish nets too keep my legs warm....

I'm a HUGE fan of mixing patterns that are subtle. 

I'd say 80% of my wardrobe is polka dots and stripes.

Cheers to only 2 more work days!!



  1. Um duh - people eat the cereals cuz it says whole grain right on top. lol Love the dress.

  2. Oooh a yellow belt would look great with that dress or even a bright orange!

  3. cute outfit! never had a circus peanut... what AM I missing?

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Checking yours out now too! :)

    LOVE the dress--what a find. If you find a yellow wide belt, post about it because I've been wanting a goldenrod-y colored one for eons!

  5. Hey sarah, thanks for stopping by!

    I have never had a circus peanut either. My vice is peanut butter cookies with the Hershey Kiss on top.

  6. I absolutely LOVE that dress! I'll be on the lookout for a yellow belt for you! :)

    Circus Peanuts? Really? Not of fan of those!

    ALMOST the weekend!!! Woooooo! :)


  7. Nude fishnets! So underrated. Love that you are rocking them.

  8. I really like that dress. To cute. I didn't even know they made nude fishnets....

  9. OMG such a cute dress! It looks SO fabulous on you too!!

    I have never had circus peanuts :X I don't even know why!

  10. I adore nude fishnets. They look good on you and Rihanna. I went to my local dance store to get some last year but they were out of stock. Been on my wish list ever since. Glad to hear they add warmth. That was news to me. Very hot.


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