Sunday, October 23, 2011

Supplements: What's The Verdict?

I've always subscribed to the whole vitamin thing but have never put too much thought into supplements........that is until Michael Wilson showed up to one of my spin classes a few weeks ago.  He was kind enough to hand me a bag of samples and his business card from Visalus Sciences.  I was immediately intrigued once I flipped over his business card and saw this:

I love a great success story and was excited to try the samples he dropped off of the                       Nutritional Shake Mix & Health Flavor Mix-Ins.

I'm already a HUGE fan of shakes so I gave the shake mix a go.....

I'm pretty particular about what I eat but I must say the shake mix made the drink more creamy and thick like a malt.  I LOVED it!

The Flavor Mix In was chocolate and I wasn't as much of a fan. Really that's because I work for a chocolate company and have extremely high expectations of what chocolate should taste like.  So I don't blame the mix but blame my overly picky palate.

Now this product and program is geared more toward weight loss but it got me thinking about supplements in general.  I eat healthy but probably don't meet the minimum requirements for fruits and vegetables daily.    

Anyways Michael has got me thinking and doing a bit more research about how I can possibly use supplements to increase the nutrients going in my body.

Vitamins have CHANGED MY LIFE (click here for vitamin blog post).  Could supplements enhance my health even more????

Does anyone else use supplements or have general thoughts on the matter?



  1. I definitely need to do better about taking a multivitamin every day for starters. I don't get 7 fruits & veggies in each day either.

  2. i have really like adding Chlorella and green powders to my diet, I swear by the energy they give me

  3. I use Zija, honestly, the best thing that I have ever took. You can go to and do a review and watch a video of it. It can be a weight loss system or just nutrition. Lots of testimonies, and I know people personally that have had wonderful results. If you ever have any questions or want to try it at a discounted amount let me know. I can hook you up!

  4. I am pretty bad about vitamins and supplements. I know I should probably look into some of them but I have yet to do that!

  5. I take a prenatal vitamin, and the supplements L-carnitine, Lecithin, and CLA. They all aid aid in weight loss, and help support a healthy Thyroid (since I have hypothyroidism). I can tell a difference in my weight loss with and without them. But of course, you only see a difference if you are eating healthy and exercising. I use to drink BAZI (google it) and I could tell a difference with that as well, but it is a little expensive so i stopped using it.

  6. I take Glutamine, CLA and L-Carnitine to aid with weight loss since I am hypothyroid also. In addition I take Vitamin B12, Kelp, Fish Oil and COQ10. They have helped me with the issues I have.

    Maria @ A Platter of Figs

  7. If I'm feeling sick, I'll take a vitamin C. I use protein powder sometimes, too. And on some mornings I eat kid gummy vitamins.

    Also... a CRUISE? To whereeeeee?

  8. Thanks for stopping by, and amazing story about the marrow donation! That is so incredible.

    Supplements - I make sure to take a multi-vitamin and extra calcium for my stress fx.

  9. I have never really taken vitamins or supplements, or even done much with shakes as meal replacements. Not bc I dislike them, just never tried really. My mom buys me a bottle of multivitamins every year to put in my Christmas stocking. Maybe I should start by at least taking those :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  10. Hi Sarah! As you know, I'm really trying to eat 6 to 8 servings of fruits and veggies a day. I'm eating a wide variety, based upon the fruit/veggie color groups. And since I've started to eat mostly veggies for breakfast, I'm meeting those serving goals.

    Regarding vitamins and supplements, if I don't eat fish, I often take a fish oil pill for heart health. Dr. Oz and lots of other doctors and research says that most people don't get enough vitamin D, so I often take that. But do I take a multi-vitamin every day? No. Maybe, I should get the gummies.

    Supplements have some of the extracted nutrition, which I think is good, but it is not a replacement for the same nutritional value as real fruits and veggies.

    I've read a lot of research studies lately that say that scientists just don't know all of the healing properties of fruits and veggies to know what to extract. The *whole* fruits and veggies are the only things that provide all of it.

    So I guess--eat a lot of fruits/veggies *and* use supplements at the same time.

    :-) Marion

  11. I'm always double minded about supplements, some say it's good cuz we can't enough vitamins from the food we eat nowaday, some says it's bad cuz it's processed and not natural. I take Vit C and evening primrose to control my allergies, so far it has been working well for me. My skin has virtually no out beaks and my rinitis problems are much lesser now. I guess moderation is the key, just don't overload out bodies with too many unnecessary supplements.


  12. I have mixed feelings about supplements. My husband isn't a very healthy eater, so he takes some supplements. Ideally, we'd both eat our nutrients via whole foods...I guess letting go of that ideal is where I struggle :-)

  13. I think it depends what it is...some stuff (I think) is just a big scam. Seriously. But other stuff, very legit. It just all depends.

    Whatever the "active ingredient" is in a supplement - that tells you a lot. Some stuff is pure vitamin..lets say X...but they call it some big fancy name, saying it'll work wonders for you...but then you look and see it's really only vitamin x.

    <3-Cami from First Day of My Life


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