Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Happy Hump Day

Have you entered my Musical Madness Giveaway yet??  If you haven't do so by clicking HERE.

There are SO MANY great music selections I can't wait to make the best playlist and share it with you!

This video makes me cry it is so GOOD!  You might have already seen it but I jut saw it today (I'm a little slow on you tube)

This makes me realize I want to be a house cat in my next, sleep, eat, sleep, repeat

There was an ENTIRE aisle dedicated to ladies sweat suits at the thrift store I went to last week.  Is this really necessary??  Are there THAT many sweat suits out there?  Do people even wear sweat suites???

Happy Wednesday!


  1. For some reason, I just got the sudden urge to purchase a sweat suit. Weird! :)

  2. seriously cats have the best life, at least the one's with homes. david and I often say we wish we could do that!

  3. I think there's a whole row because women are finally realizing a sweatsuit is a bad idea. We can only hope. Unless the sweatsuit is velour. Then you have to wear it. :)

  4. The little thrift store I go to had a lot of sweat suits out last week too. Maybe we are missing a trend LOL!!!

  5. Oh my Goodness, those cats? Adorable!

  6. Aww, how sweet! Hahaha, sweat suits. Oh wow. Of course I've entered the giveaway!

  7. An entire aisle of sweat suits! Ahahahahahahaha! Let's keep the sweat suits out of the regular clothes, OK?


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