Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Boo! I Heart Halloween.

I had a brilliant idea while I was thirft shopping.....

No, it was not to wear two belts at once....

Or to attempt to look like a Senator.....

Actually it wasn't even my idea.  Not gonna lie.  

My brilliant friend Dana planned night out at a haunted forest!  HOLY COW it was SOOO good.  What is scarier than going on a 25 minute haunted forest trek in the middle of the night?  Nothing.....WELL maybe this picture of my sister and I wearing matching PJ's in our 30's....But let's not discuss that.


Dana (the one with the BRILLIANT idea) is the superstar actress on your far left.  Cheryl (hot blond) was making friends with the freaky mask guy who was keeping the people in line entertained.  Really it was Cheryl doing the entertaining....

Dana's faces were cracking us up!  She really knows how to do the scary faces.

Then I attempted a scary face and just looked like I had to pee.

Dana & Cheryl called me out on my inability to make the appropriate faces for "looking scared."

Clearly acting is not my calling.  But then it got even worse.  What face am I making in this next photo?  I guess it's just my face.....


Are you on team Scare the Piss Out Of Me or Hide Me Under the Covers until November 1st?


  1. Halloween is definitely one of my least favorite holidays. I hate being frightened. Sometimes it can even bring me to tears! So yeah, I'm team hide under the blankets.

  2. Yes, you are correct. That is just your face. Poor face. :-)


    By the way...there is nothing...I repeat NOTHING...with buying your 30-year-old sister a pair of matching PJs for Christmas. You better just wait to see what I dig up this year!

  3. I like the pumpkin carving and candy, but forget the spooky stuff! :) Cute PJs :))

  4. haha, love the pjs!! we are planning on going on a ghost run this friday night. Can't wait

  5. I love Halloween and these pictures are too fun. We really are going to have to work on your scared face!

    I've decided that we need to live closer so we can thrift store shop together. You can take clothes and accessories and I'll hit everything else!

  6. I saw that there was a "haunted hike" in a nearby city. I don't know where anybody is going to be hiking, considering that we live in Louisiana, where it's flat as a pancake.

  7. YAY halloween. I hate being scared but I love dressing up....however I'm still trying to make the rest of Logan's and rex's costumes! ARGH!!! your post made me giggle you silly girl :D

  8. I love all these photos! So funny. I also love the scary... I think I may drag the hubs to a haunted house this weekend.

  9. You could not get me to go on a haunted forest adventure. I saw The Blair Witch Project...no thank you! Looks like you guys had fun!

  10. These look like so much fun! We went to a haunted house over the weekend too and it's such a rush!

  11. hehe...very funny pictures. HAlloween is not a big thing here but if there's celebration, it's all about ghosts, horror, blood and gore, eww...I wish we can have cute halloween.


  12. Hide under the covers....I'm such a scardey cat!


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