Friday, October 7, 2011

Organization = Sanity & Good Mental Health

Three of my favorite pass times:

1. Cleaning
2. Organizing 
3. Cleaning while organizing at the same time

I'm neurotic & a little OCD.  
I've known this for quite some time.  
At least I am self aware right?

In my experience being organized saves time for more important things like running, yoga and cycling.  Not being able to find things or having to go through piles of stuff to get to what you need scares the pants off me.  Not gonna lie.....

I have a job that requires me to dress like I know a thing or two.  To ensure I stay sane and can get ready as quickly as possible (maximizing my sleep time) I do the following:



Wire hangers really freak me out.  Maybe it is from watching the movie "Mommie Dearest" too many times.


Wait....I get crazier


You either think I am brilliant or mental at this point.
But wait....we've just begun


OH me, oh my.  I'm a total nut job and I'm just realizing it....YIKES.


Whatever.  At least I can get ready in 10 minutes or less.



  1. You need to come organize my closet! haha. I love to organize but my closet always lacks it or if I do organize it, it does not last! I do color coding too :)

  2. Love it! I don't think you're crazy--mostly because my closet looks eerily similar!

  3. I LOVE it! This actually looks a little bit like heaven to me!!!

  4. I wanna go shopping in there! Cute. I too share your hatred for wire hangers. Argg

  5. That is super impressive. I need to take a few tips from you and reorganize my closet and drawers. The folded shirts in the drawer is a terrific idea.


  6. I think this is brilliant. My closet is a MESS compared to yours! Holy cow! PS Where did you buy the stuff to hang your jewelry!

  7. wow, that's some awesome organization

  8. Please come to my house and help me with my closet. Seriously, I will hire you!

    PS I laughed out loud about the Mommy, Dearest thing. I think the same thing!!!

  9. We could totally be friends. This looks like my closet! Love it!
    I used to buy a $5 package of wooden hangers every time I went to Target until after a few years I finally had enough.
    When my, ah, "roommate" left earlier this year, I told him the he most certainy COULD NOT have any of the wooden hangers. So now I have plenty of room to shop! :0)

  10. I think you're brilliant. Seriously. I want to live in your's beautiful! :-)

  11. OH man! Your closet is super organized...maybe I should work on mine lol
    I had the wire hangers too, I only use the hard plastic ones.

  12. Hey thanks for finding and commenting on my blog! Can you please come organize my stuff like that? It takes me forever to figure out what I want to wear and where everything is!

  13. you are so neat and organized I wish you can do mine!


  14. I LOVE how organized everything is. I think it's an art.

  15. Holy smokes! You have got to be the MOST organized person I've ever seen. Outta curiosity, how long does it stay organized in between cleanings? I just recently rearranged my closet by color and it's helped tremendously with dressing, but I have to reorganize every weekend. It drives me crazy! How do you do it, on the go?


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