Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Who Doesn't Love The 80's?

I found this 80's work dress.....ok actually my friend Shana from Colorblind found it and MADE me try it on. I was like "Eww.  UGLY!" 

But when I tried it on I sorta liked it.  Now she says
 "I told you so."

Whatever.  I like the 80's.

So much so that I am doing a throwback 80's Jane Fonda video tonight to celebrate this fabulous dress.

Other 80's (maybe 90's) workouts I like:
The Ab Roller
The Thigh Master
Step Aerobics
The song Let's Get Physical by Olivia Newton John
Leg warmers
Dancing like I was on the movie Flash Dance

Here's to the 80's!

PS - I just learned what the song "Let's Get Physical" is really about.  As a kid I thought she just really wanted to work out.....





  1. 1. You look amazing in that dress! How fun!
    2. I love the 80s too.
    3. I thought that Jane Fonda was the coolest ever. My Mom and I used to do her workouts together!
    4. My friends and I hosted an 80s prom night at our church two years ago and had some crazy days preparing. I have really embarrassing photos of me posing with Jane Fonda and Olivia Newton John album covers while wearing 80s gear.
    5. I didn't know what "Let's Get Physical" was about either. My first grade teacher let me and my friend do a presentation for the class using that song. We wore headbands and demonstrated exercise moves. Thankfully, we were all naive and clueless!
    6. Shana is too good at finding gems that look so ugly on the hanger! :)

  2. Oh I totally had a thigh master!!! The dress rocks!!!

  3. Come dress me and find me cute clothes! I thought I was good at it, but you're better.

  4. The dress is very cool on you!! And yeah, I thought the same thing about "Let's get Physical!" What a dork I was. Am.

  5. awesome dress. I love the 80's. I had ONJ's record with Physical on it and had no idea what was about. I've been buying vintage dresses at a consignment shop. I love them!! I'll post some photos

  6. This looks amazing on you! Only you can find these amazing steals! It blows my mind.

  7. A) Love that dress!!
    B) Totally love the 80s too! Particularly the music, and I don't care what anyone says :)

  8. Hot! Flash Dance is an amazing movie. It makes me want to go put on sweats and go dance my heart out in some shady warehouse. Also inspiring, Rocky IV. Thanks for the love Sarah! That was very kind :)

  9. I love flashdance! Every time i hear the song i just want to jump around and get water dumped on me, hehe.

  10. I love that you find deals like that! Thanks for coming over to my blog! I'm loving yours already :) I got my first day of work dress for $10 with it's original tags still marked as $130!!! Gotta love finding thrift deals

  11. I love the bodice of that dress!!! It's super fab and you look great in it :)


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