Saturday, October 29, 2011

From Fantastic to Freezing?

I went from FANTASTIC last weekend:

To FREEZING this weekend:

Is mother nature upset with me?

Thankfully last weekend I took advantage of the 65 degree sunny and crisp Fall weather at Bluemont Winery

I live in wine country so lots of my free time is spent outside sipping local wine and cheese.  

Me & my two girlfriends went out for the day.

We had quite the spread...

And quite the view (not sure if we admired the greenery or cheese spread more)...

This pretty much NEVER gets old to me.....


I finally got to whip out my favorite denim jacket. The jacket doesn't have a ruffle it's just the dress I'm wearing underneath....the ruffle would just be odd. 

Do you have something you LOVE to do in your neck of the woods on perfect weather days?

What about on snow days?  Do you go play in the snow or lay on the couch like me?


  1. Hmmm is mother nature mad at you? What was your latest sin? I hit a squirrel the other day and asked my dad if it was an omen, he said no. Never seen a jacket of denim like this but its pretty rad.

  2. That's a serious difference from one weekend to the next! Snow days are absolutely couch days for me! After 5 minutes outside in the cold I bundle up with hot chocolate indoors.

  3. OMG! I cannot believe that it snowed! That is insane. The wine tasting looks unbelievable:O


  4. Snow days...I'm a total couch potatoe! I get all bundled up, get my soup, hot chocolate or coffee and vegg out!

  5. UGH it is WAY too early to snow! OMG. And this is coming from the girl who lived in Montana for 2 years.

  6. That looks like a perfect Fall outing! I can't believe you already have snow where you are though! Brrrr!

  7. We're planning a trip next year to wine country!!

    Oh how I miss the change of seasons.... we don't get much change here in Hawaii.

    When we have perfect weather? We're down at the beach!!

    And snow days? hmmmm not much of those around my neck of the woods. But we love to travel and play in the snow!

  8. Two beautiful weekends! I've never seen the snow (something my Oregon raised other half can't comprehend - although he has promised to remedy this situation!) and I can't imagine a more perfect weekend than being snowed in. Especially when it is the start of the humid and rainy summer season here down under :) Your wine country day looks wonderful as well :)

  9. Your day out last weekend looks like so much fun! Thankfully I was spared the snow where I am, but it did get cold really fast!

  10. I do not like to go out in the snow at all! This is unfortunate because I live in Colorado where it snows all the time. The kids always want to go out in it so I am going to have to change my snow hating ways for them.

  11. That's crazy! It got freezing here too, no snow though at least :)
    Your wine and cheese looks so yummy, that seems like such a fun time, and I loove that denim jacket!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  12. Hahah i definitely lay on the couch and moan and groan because of the snow!
    If i'm feeling good though i'll go out and trudge through the snow, but it is just so darn cold

  13. You are gorgeous! And that looks like such a fun outing with the ladies!

    I totally curl up on the couch when the snow comes out. I'll bravely greet the elements with my shovel in the name of exercise...but then it's all about being warm!

  14. What a difference a week makes! I'm jealous of your little vineyard trips. I know there are some around here but Allan's lack of a schedule with work and being out of town make it impossible to plan ANYTHING. Glad you ladies had such a fabulous time!


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