Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Who Who Who

Three Reasons You Should Enter My Giveaway 
Before Even Reading This Post:

1. The winner gets the iTunes gift card IMMEDIATELY! iTunes allows gift cards to be sent via email

2.  I am in SERIOUS need of your workout music suggestions 

3.  Who doesn't want $25 worth of new music??!!

Ok, back to business....

I'm mourning the loss of warm weather by wearing a all black....It just started to drizzle.  Blechk.


All black is my "go to" for everything.....everyone looks great all black.  This time I mixed very subtle pin stripes (skirt) and dots (shirt).


Then I added accessories that make me happy

This bracelet is actually a necklace.  I LOVE jewelry that has more than one purpose!

Then, my favorite piece....

I don't know why I am so attracted to owl jewelry....am I 12???  I guess so.  I love how mysterious owls are...the sounds they make....I wear this necklace often.  

Have a HAPPY Tuesday!

I kind of look possessed in this pic....SCARY....whatever it is almost Halloween.


  1. My favorite work-out music is Ministry's Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Taste album. It's not for everyone though ;)

  2. I tweeted about your giveaway. I'll put it on my page tomorrow when I post. Umm so you want to hear about my near death experience aka hot yoga? OMG I think that was the most difficult thing of my life. I'm used to heat too, I dunno. I had to stop so many times and my heart was pounding. But I still signed up for 30 days. Gonna try again tomorrow. Yay to black clothes.

  3. Oh my gosh that owl. I LOVE that owl. And I tweeted about and entered your giveaway :)

  4. I recognize a Stella & Dot necklace! Their things are so beautiful - love that you repurposed e necklace for a layered bracelet!

  5. oh I love your outfit! The skirt with its ruffles is adorable. :)

  6. Oh man I am the queen of black, white and gray lol my friends constantly pick on me when I wear color. Hey! What can I say?! Black is chic and I love it! lol

  7. Love that bracelet. I love greens but never know how or what to pair them with.

  8. I love your outfit...and especially those shoes!

  9. Your hair in that last pic is gorgeous! You always put together the cutest looks!

  10. I love that bracelet - too cute!!!

  11. Dear Possessed,

    I love the straightened hair. And the subtle mixing of dots & stripes. You area rock star. A ROCK STAR, I tell ya! :-)

    Love ya!

  12. I love the owl necklace!

    Lindsey Turner

  13. I think owl jewelery is great! I am currently looking for an elephant necklace...I love animal inspired jewelery!

    Thanks for visiting my blog :)

  14. You look amazing - I love the jewelry, I don't think it's for kids only :) If you know how to incorporate it in your outfit (and you certainly do) it can look fabulous ! Huuuugs.

  15. That skirt is too cute!! And I love the idea of using a necklace as a bracelet!

  16. You are so darn cute! I love the necklace turned bracelet--love!


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