Saturday, October 15, 2011

Switch Change Rearrange

There are only fews days left to enter my Musical Madness Giveaway for a $25 iTunes gift card!  The gift card will be sent via email so when you win it will get to you IMMEDIATELY!  Woo hoo!

Click HERE to enter.

I can't wait to create a playlist from everyones amazing suggestions!  You all have incredible taste!

Ok, back to regularly scheduled programming.

Guess how much this outfit cost me?  



Jacket: $3.00
Shoes: $4.00
Dress: $FREE.99

Yep, you read correctly, FREE.
How do you ask?  Well let me tell you.

Meet SUPER STYLISH Lindsey.  


She is one of my closest friends and happens to wear the same size clothes as me.  SCORE. 


 A couple of times a year we have a clothing swap. What is a clothing swap you ask?'s when you find a friend (or group of friends) who are about the same size and are willing to swap clothes that are still in style and in great condition.  Don't you have that article of clothing that you like but are sick of looking at or wearing!!??  

SO I scored this great blue dress (along with about 15 other articles of clothing) for $FREE.99.

There is nothing I love more than a great article of clothing for absolutely NOTHING.

Also, I had the BEST workout this morning teaching my spin class.  I added an extra song so it was a full 55 minute BUTT KICKING workout.  Here is one of the songs I added that really got people motivated.

Have an AWESOME weekend!

Get Up & Go


  1. That dress is gorgeous! Need to find a buddy for a clothing swap, that would be fantastic!

  2. I am ALL about deals on clothes; the thrift store employees know me by name! Love the outfit.

  3. The clothing exchange is a great idea. Too bad I only have running clothes anymore :)

  4. WHAT? I was going to guess..."Well, that blazer could easily be 150. The dress is probably 179. I thought the shoes were from a sale so like, 30."

    ...So off.

    When did you meet Daniel Radcliffe?

  5. haha you are so sweet. Im pretty nice on the internet, in real life Im brattier and tend to raise my voice easily. I got no reason to be upset on the net though. Ok, I'm pretty nice. SO I love that blue dress! Ima sucker for primary colors. and I love how you styled it adding prints to the mix. Thanks for all your support woman! namaste.

  6. Sarah, I mentioned you on my blog today, I hope you'll check it out!

  7. I'm a sucker for Nine West shoes-love the pair you have!

  8. I just love clothing swaps-in fact I'm having one with my friends on Friday! The bright blue of your dress is gorgeous and so are those patterned shoes!


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