Thursday, October 27, 2011

Milk Maid or Smurf?

I can't decide if this outfit makes me look more like a Smurf or a milk maid.....either way I like it.  Got this dress for $3.  Can't beat that.  I probably would have changed the shoes to heels too.  

Again, I am addicted to stripes. 

My Workout For Today:
5 Minute warm up jog/walk
5 minute run
1 minute sprint
1 minute walk

Repeat 5 times

5 Minute cool down walk

I'm getting on a plane to Boston for work so had to squeeze in a quick run. 

I also added the below song to my playlist.  It's an older song that I LOVE to work out to....I had just forgotten about it.


  1. Love it! I need to go shopping with you! You find the best deals! Hope you packed your warm clothes because a rain/snow mix is headed here!

  2. You always find the greatest deal ... that look CUTE!! My daughter and I were combing a new higher-end thrift shop and we couldn't find anything other than a pair of shoes. I need to be more patient. Love the dress, it is adorable!!!

  3. I like Duffy, I saw her perform back at Coachella 2008 - she put on a great performance!

    I didn't know you were from Vegas, it is great visiting there!

  4. OMG $3 for that SUPER cute dress?! Where?? How?! Ahh!!

    YAY Boston! That's where I'm frooooooomm :)

  5. I mean, how do you find all this crazy deals!?!?!?!

  6. I love that dress!! Super cute :) I got told I looked like a smurf the other day, perhaps there is room for a new trend?

  7. I like the outfit. I also admire your dedication in getting your work outs in.

    I need to use you as my motivation!


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