Sunday, September 18, 2011

Team Salty or Team Sweet?

I was pretty excited to find this Tahari white blazer and heart necklace for $3.00 each! My best friend Shana (from ColorBlind) was in town and we had a major thrift shopping extravaganza which I totally count as exercise.  Don't judge.

Heart Necklace & Jacket

Heart Necklace $3

Close Up!

Ok.....back to regularly scheduled programming.....

Are you team SWEET, team SALTY or BOTH?

I'm totally on team sweet.  Sugar is the bane of my existence.  I mean, if you give me something salty I'll eat it (love Pop Chips) but if you told me I couldn't have it I'd be ok.  I don't get that salt craving. 

I try REALLY hard (not always successful) to mix my sweet tooth with something actually good for you like fruit.  So today I whipped out some chocolate covered bananas.  I blogged once before about frozen bananas in the summer but discovered that they are gooey and delicious when they are at room temperature.  I would have never known this if it weren't for my impatient step son Nick. 

He just COULDN'T wait for them to freeze.....thankfully his impatience turned my treat into something even more delicious.

These treats are SUPER easy.  All you have to do is buy the melting chocolate and some bananas.  You need popsicle sticks and parchment paper.  Follow the melting instructions, dip the bananas, set them on the parchment paper and voila.  They are done.  If you really want to make them perfectly look it up on Google.  I'm terrible in the kitchen......haha!

You know I'm serious when I've got the hair
pulled back and the head band on.....

My cat, Squiggy, loves to be in pictures.
He's is giving me the
 "I'm going to eat whatever you're making" face.

What else am I supposed to do while my lovely husband is planted on the couch watching football  ALL DAY?

My husband John in his typical Sunday position.
Looking up fantasy football on his phone while
also switching back and forth from game to game.
The T.V. that I don't watch on Sundays

He is supportive of the blog but not
amused by all the picture taking during the Redskins game.....OOOPS!


  1. This is great! Sadly I'm doing the same thing your husband is today!

  2. Haha, this is too funny! I'm definitely on team SWEET!

  3. I'm a sweet girl! I do love my pop chips too but I always reach for sugar over salt!

  4. I love the sugar and salt combo! Chocolate and salt do the trick for me!

  5. I seriously could not tell your husband was not a fan of having his photo taken...hmmmm not at all! LOL! Loving that new blazer and necklace you scored for $3 and I am a fan of both, I love sweet and bad :D

  6. I am SOOOOOOOO team sweet. This is no surprise, eh?

  7. Absolutely LOVE your outfit! So cute.

    I'm definitely a depends on the mood salty and sweet kind of girl! Sweet most of the time but in the mornings I'm usually something salty! Weird, I know.

    The bananas look interesting. I love bananas and I LOVE chocolate but I don't know if I could mix the two!


  8. Thanks for following! :)

    So, I don't really even understand the salty cravings... I don't think I ever have them! If I have a craving for something, it is usually chocolate or a baked good or something sugary like that.

    bananas and chocolate are wonderful... I want to do like a frozen banana covered in pb dipped in chocolate. (then I suppose you have salty and sweet all in one :) )

  9. Sweet all the way!!
    Not that I knock back savoury food either though!!
    My bestie is a salty. Since high school ( we have squabbled over snack choices!
    Great work with your bananas and your bargains!

  10. Probably bad but I'm on team sweet and team salty! Yep, I have both those cravings. I'd have to agree with the hubs, I love watching those boys in tights!

  11. Haha love how you involved the whole fam down to the cat! Good treat yum yum. I need some headbands.

  12. I think I am team sweet.
    Although I love salty snacks.
    Can I be team both?

  13. I am on team salty. Chips and dip? Chex mix? Peanut butter and pretzels? OMG!

    Your husband is just like mine on Sundays. No TV is watched except football, and he lays there on the sofa like it's his JOB to take care of his THREE fantasy football leagues.


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