Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Jessica's Lifestyle Makeover Update!

Goal Weight: 140 by Oct 1
Weigh in Last Week: 151
Weigh in This Week: 150
Total Weight Loss This Week: 1
Total Weight Loss Since May 30th: 20

Slowly, but surely the weight is coming off....once you get to the last few pounds it gets TOUGH!

Hopefully next week Jessica can say BYE BYE 150's... 

How To Push Through The Last Few Pounds
  1. Drink lots of water 
  2. Change up your workout (do something new)
  3. Track your food (this is the hardest one)
  4. Incorporate extra workouts that are fun like hiking, walking with a friend (or dog) 
  5. Stick to fruits and vegetables for snacks
  6. Watch sodium intake


  1. I need to do can we collaborate!!! I know there is a good body under my!

  2. Sarah,
    You strike me as someone who is really serious about health and wellness. I highly recommend you read the book Body by Science by Doug MGuff, MD and John Little. It is a research-based program for strength training and complete fitness in 12 minutes a week. I have read the whole book cover to cover and, the biochemistry lectures from 20+ years ago college days came right back...only so much more clear now. Like I said, it is a research-based program so if you can be patient and get past the "I don't know what those chemistry talks all mean", I think you will gain a lot from the book.

    My husband Eric also does this strength training (has been for a while) and is in fantastic shape. Don't let the 12 minutes a week fool you - it is the HARDEST twelve minutes, physically speaking, you will spend. But, if you are looking at overall and long term health and wellness with increased muscle mass/tone, at the very least, read the science and research behind it. You won't regret your time spent.

    Check the book out from the library - that's what I did.

    xoxoxo and to our health,

  3. Great tips! You did great, Jessica!

    :-) Marion

  4. Losing the last "few" is way hard! Good luck at reaching your goals!!

  5. wow! Your determination is showing wonderful results! You're inspiring me. You look really slim and pretty now.


  6. Nice job on the 1 lb this week - it is happening!! :)


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