Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday Book Review: Skinny Bitch

Ok, so I'm kicking off Friday with a book review.  But before I launch into Skinny Bitch can I just say I love the outfit I put on today?  Total cost of the outfit was under $10 including the shoes!  Not bad.  Plus I love mixing patterns..

Happy Friday!


Polka Dots


A few friends recommended the book Skinny Bitch....
After reading I now know I am definitely not a 
Skinny Bitch kind of girl.

This book was on the New York best sellers list and I'm not sure it's because of the content but more about the clever title.

Here are 4 things I found useful from this book:
  • Carbs are GOOD - Thank goodness!  Giving up carbs is not something I care to do.  Whole wheat pasta rocks.
  • Know what you are eating - The message around knowing where you food came from was great.  These women do a lot of research on the ingredients from the foods they are choosing to eat.  Love that.  They tell you to trust no one....not even them.  I tend to agree.  If there are too many ingredients in something I've never heard of I usually pass.
  • Get rid of SODA people! - Soda both diet and regular are terrible for you and have NO nutritional value.  Transitioning out of drinking soda for good is a good idea.  Water still trumps all and not only keeps your hydrated but can aid in increasing metabolism.
  • Meat intake - I'm not currently a vegetarian but was for about 5 years.  I don't think I can give up meat for good but seriously reducing my intake is something I am seriously considering.  A co worker of mine calls it a flexitarian.  So as of today I am now a flexitarian which means I'll try and skip meat at least 4 days a week.
Here are 3 things from the book I thought were a little too crazy:

  • Give up coffee???!!  No thank you!  That was at the beginning of the book and I almost put the book down for good at that point.  They claim it wreaks havoc on your body.  I work in the coffee industry and am likely to NEVER give up coffee.  I'd be out of a job if I took a "no coffee" stance.  If you are drinking one cup a day like I am it is very good for you.  It's 98% water and has 0 calories!  If you need it to stay awake then you might have a problem on your hands.....but in general one cup a day has never killed anyone or hindered them from reaching their fitness/weight loss goals.
  • Fake Food- In their "Let's Eat" chapter all foods begin with the word FAKE.  Fake chicken patty sandwich, fake egg sandwich, fake bacon, fake chicken caesar salad.  All foods that begin with "fake" freak me out.  I like to eat minimally processed foods or things that start with the word fresh.  Just a thought.
  • They recommend you give up coffee, alcohol, dairy, meat and sugar.....BORING!  Have we heard of something called MODERATION!  Hello!?  
Have an amazing weekend!


  1. This book has been on my list to read but I've heard so many mixed reviews that I've steered clear so far. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  2. Argh! My SIL started reading that book. She read me some excerpts from it that were totally ridiculous. She gave up reading it around halfway. I agree with you..moderation is key!

  3. I feel the same way about that book! Some great ideas, but it takes eating to an extreme. Moderation is key!

  4. I guess what works for one person does not work for another. Obviously, this works for the author. There are many skinny women who care 0% for food because it stands between them and a tiny size. They view food as the enemy. So maybe this book explains that kind of attitude to people who do not care about absolute boredom with food.

    I can't see why anyone would give up coffee, except someone like me whose tummy is too sensitive to the acidity. I always tell my husband buy the coffee, skip the treat with it.

    :-) Marion

  5. I've wanted to pick that book up, but then I always think "why am I going to buy a book where people will tell me what I already know?" :P
    Have a great day!

  6. That book is mad funny written by some mad vegans. I was a vegan for a few months but lost too much energy. I got mine with the cook book and I like a lot of the recipes. I try not too eat too much meat cause it slows the digestion. Oh yeah and I could inject coffee in my veins. Those bitches are crazy. I drank americanos the whole time I was a vegan with no cream. So rad that u work in the coffee industry!

  7. I want to read this one. I know I'm probably not going to agree with everything like give up coffee? No thanks! But I like to hear other people's take on food. I'm with you, it's all about moderation!

  8. Give up coffee and alcohol? Replace them with "fake" foods? I think NOT. I'll just run a few more miles, thankyouverymuch. ;)

    Thanks for the review!

  9. Man you find the cutest outfits for the best prices!

  10. I agree with you 100%, it is all in moderation. I try to limit myself to one diet coke a day, I consider that okay. Also, I allow myself some glasses of wine once in a while and some sweets. I think if you deprive yourself of something, it only makes you want it more.

  11. Moderation is DEFINITELY key!!! I loved the book, but clearly don't remember much of it since I read it so long ago. I WAS raw/vegan for a while so that's probably when I was stoked on it -- BUT I have learned my body actually prefers meat -- I SHED weight on a high protein diet and well -- I think we all know I don't want to give up COFFEE! Hello -- I go to bed excited just thinking about waking up giant piping hot cup 'o java!

  12. I read SB years ago, I should say I started it but put it down because I just didn't like the tone in which it was written. I'm sure the recommendations are great, although far too restrictive for me personally but I could not get through it. I'm a newcomer ro coffee ( just the last couple of years and not everyday but I love it and will never give it up! Thanks for sharing your coffee expertise on my blog!

  13. Ugh, that book caused a lot of people to view vegans as self-righteous know-it-all, well, bitches. lol. And granted, some are. But, I was vegan for 4 years and I can say that I would never give up all animal by-products, and then turn right around and give up sweets too! I'd go insane! lol

  14. I feel EXACTLY the same way. That book freaked me out, and I am befuddled by "healthy eaters" who eat processed, faux-foods. No, thanks.


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