Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Jessica's Lifestyle Makeover Update!

Goal Weight: 140 by Oct 1
Weigh in Last Week: 152
Weigh in This Week: 151
Total Weight Loss This Week: 1
Total Weight Loss Since May 30th: 19

I gotta hand it to Jessica......get it?  She's sitting in a hand chair....I think I am SO FUNNY sometimes (ok, really just dorky).  

So it's time to get real.....


Ok, so I did it again!  Haha. Time to get real while she is standing next to a clock...ok, I'll stop.

Clearly, she looks great and is SO CLOSE to entering the 140's before October 1st.  Losing 2 pounds a week has proven to be TOUGH.  It was an aggressive goal to begin with.  Real life just happens and sometimes your body just gets to a certain weight and likes it. PLUS, Jessica is 22 and wants to live life which sometimes means having one too many drinks and eating brunch while being hungover the next day.  We've all been there.  

For the most part she stays away from bad food but once in awhile you have to embrace the oversized ice cream.

DID YOU KNOW:                                That people are more likely to stay fit  & healthy when they have a friend (or significant other) to work out with?  Well it's true....which is why I want to announce a new client and Jessica's good friend Caitlyn who will be my next Lifestyle Makeover client!

Meet Caitlyn:


Partners in Crime.  Both can influence one another to stay on the health and fitness GAME PLAN.

Partners In Crime

Stay Tuned for more Jessica/Caitlyn tales.  Two friends with very different lifestyle makeover agendas.  



  1. I love these updates! SHe is looking amazing and is SO CLOSE!!!

  2. Good luck with your fitness plan! And doing it with a friend has to make it twice as fun ...
    PS Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog :)
    Kelly xo


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