Thursday, September 29, 2011

Me vs. My Thighs: Thighs 1 Me 0

I read a GREAT post the other day from Vanessa at Gourmet Runner called 
My Thighs Must Love Each other that made me LAUGH OUT LOUD!  It got me thinking.....

I would love for my thighs to be more why is it that in the game of Me vs My Thighs the score is
Thighs 1 Me 0???

I'm not letting my thighs win....Soooo starting today I am doing 100 leg lifts on both the outer and inner thigh for 100 days.  I do crunches and sit ups before before bed anyways so why not add these to the list. It only takes 5 extra minutes.  PLUS I've got 2 pound leg weights to kick it up a notch (see below red leg weights).



Will let you know how the game of Me vs My Thighs works out....

On a side note.  I got this necklace this weekend and have worn it pretty much every day (no, I'm not extreme at all -wink-).


This necklace makes regular outfits seem more exciting.  I love a good accessory....



Happy Thursday!



  1. So funny, my kitties always join me when I use my yoga mat.

  2. You crack me up. And also make me want to go necklace shopping. :-) So, so, SO excited about "Thrift-mas" this year!!!! WHEEEEEEEE!!!

  3. Love the necklace and the shoes!

    Perhaps we should all do a Thigh Challenge for October!

  4. Oh my thighs! Yes mine are winning too! In Bossypants, Tina Fey calls the triangles of fat on her inner thighs "crotch biscuits." I so have to get rid of my crotch biscuits.

  5. That is hilarious with your animals "helping you" with your workout! Love your necklace!

  6. Glad that Ruby and your cat help you to stay in shape and ... believe me, you are in perfect shape.
    My lady cat Giocanda says HI to your cat.

  7. My cats love to play when I am doing floor exercises or stretching! So glad you liked the post. But for the're gorgeous and certainly don't need to worry about the thighs!
    Beautiful necklace as well...I love your bargain buys!

  8. You have some cute style lady!

  9. I'm following your cue and adding the leg lifts to my October goals. Thanks! I needed that!

  10. So THAT's what it thighs are madly in love with each other. I'm inspired. Leg lifts here we come!


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