Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Flats + Heels = Ankle Boots = Less Back Pain = Healthy


I walk a TON for work.  Constantly on the go.  I LOVE high heels but they get ruined so fast when I wear them for work.  I also love flats but they are a bit too casual for work.....SO......I've fallen in love with ankle boots.  These ones in particular.  

I've got a cork board on my desk and I pin up everything I'm asking the universe for....IT WORKS.  I swear.  

Wedge heel shoes are much better for your back because they distribute weight more evenly where as a heel puts more pressure on the ball of your foot.  This means I can have less aches and pains during the work week and still look stylish (or at least I think I'm stylish haha).  

I gave it a go this week


On a side note....I'm also a fan of scarves.  HUGE FAN.  This one is Cynthia Rowley and I got it for $16 bucks.  TOTAL STEAL.


Even Lenny was a fan.  



They work in jeans too....


I would hate to ruin the pedicure I did MYSELF!  
PS - I started doing pedi/mani's myself and I'm actually really good at it.  

Save myself $35 buck a pop and don't get harassed about adding a bikini wax or eyebrow wax to my service...HAHA

Have a happy hump day!

Do you have a "go to" shoe for work?



  1. Super cute shoes and they look great with the dress.

  2. Those boots are perfection! Love the scarf too...and of course the adorable cat!

  3. Adorable boots! Love your first outfit too, that dress is perfect for work!

  4. Way to save the money, I never bother to do my nails but throwing a quick coat of polish on my toes is easy peasy. I do wish some lady would go to work on my callouses though (TMI?).

  5. I am a new follower. Thanks for following my blog! I love your outfits!! Adorable!! Unfortunately, my "go to" shoes for work are the crocs that pretend to be real shoes! (Mary Janes). I am on my feet ALL DAY, and I have gotten to wear I can't wear anything else!

  6. Love your dress and I totally know what you mean about the heels. I wear them a lot but I find that I go through them quickly because of those few steps I take though the gravel.


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