Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sweet Disposition by Temper Trap

This song has a great build.  Run on a hill at a steady pace and then pick it up as the music gets faster.  Just follow the flow of the music and I promise you'll feel better!!  There is also a remix version below that has a unique beat.  Either work just depends on your personal taste!

Also below is a suggestion from LaSophia recent winner of my musical madness giveaway.  Her taste in music is different from mine which I love!  Nothing better than exploring music from a group you've never heard before!

One of the picks from LaSophia:

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  1. yay! Love Temper Trap too! I was telling my boyfriend all weekend long "Im a winner! Im a winner!" haha. Thanks so much again. Here is another one I like and there are lots of remixes of it. Flight Facilities- Crave you


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