Friday, June 10, 2011

Sarah's Musical Madness Giveaway!

WINNER SELECTED!  Congrats to LaSophia for being Sarah's Music Madness Giveaway!  Check out here blog HERE.


No lie, I listen to music for at least 3 hours a day (thank you Sirius Radio).  When I get ready for work, on my way to work, at the gym, when I walk my dog.  It never gets old.  I'm also constantly looking for the perfect songs for my Spin classes which will motivate my attendees.  I know which songs make me Get Up & Go but what about you?  

Become a follower of Get Up & Go and be entered to win a $25 iTunes gift card to make your very own ideal playlist!  For those of you who are already followers you are automatically entered (just follow the red instruction below).  Winner will be announced on Friday, June 17th.

Here is what you need to do to win the gift card:
Become a follower by clicking on the "Follow Me" button on the Get Up & Go webpage
Post a comment on this post of your favorite workout song that gets you motivated

Below you will find my current favorite workout playlist to help unleash your inner DJ......

Let It Rock by Kevin Rudolf & Lil Wayne
Ridin' by Chamillionaire & Krayzie Bone
Amsterdam by Paul Okenfold
Stiff Upper Lip by AC/DC
Love Lockdown by Kanye West
Uprising by Muse
Waiting for the End by Linkin Park
If I Ever Feel Better by Phoenix
How You Like Me Now by The Heavy


  1. I always have on every playlist during the summer "Take You There" by Sean Kingston.

    Sarah Grecco
    Get Up & Go

  2. When I run, I usually don't listen to music. Crazy, I know! I run super early in the morning and I just like to take in the sights and sounds of the sun rising... (How cheesy. lol) But when I'm at the gym, usually anything by Lady Gaga gets me going faster on the elliptical!

  3. Hey Muscles!

    David Guetta- Sexy Bitch is the right amount of song to get my fake buff on with just a couple of super sets.

    Ummm, by the way, I did your leg workout after the stairmaster on the other day and got whooped!!! The cardio you threw in for the active recovery was the real challenge. I walked out the gym feeling like a noodle! I love those types of workouts.


  4. Tiffany - Great idea! That might actually clear my brain to not have music pounding in my ear.....but I do love GaGa on the treadmill....

    Edwina - Yay on the leg workout! Were you sore for a few days? I was sore for about 4 days. Insane. I love new workouts.

    Thank you both for entering the Musical Madness Giveaway.

  5. I love me some Prince! 7 and Erotic city because the version I have is 8 minutes long and it really puts a dent in my cardio. haha.


  6. My favorite spinning song is Pogo by Digitalism. Totally random, but I like it!

  7. lasophia - I love Prince remixes! They are always songs that everyone can sing!

    Elissa - I'm checking out Pgog by Digitalism ASAP. Not sure I know that one!

    Thank you both for entering!

  8. Right now I'm listening to Katy Perry's FIREWORK! It makes me want to "shoot across the sky"...or at least go for a good run! :-)

  9. My favorite workout song continues to be Alicia Keys' SUPERWOMAN! It always gets me going, no matter what time of the day it is!

  10. Beth! I love Superwoman by Alicia Keys. Well I pretty much love everything Alicia Keys. She is incredible! Sort of mind blowing. Thanks for entering the Music Madness Giveaway!

  11. I can't seem to be able to follow. Anyway, my favorites are
    * Calabria (Enur featuring Natasha)
    * Blow (Ke$ha)
    * Feel Good (Gorillaz)
    * Lady Marmalade (the one with Pink, Mya, etc.)
    * Stronger (kanye)
    * Till The World Ends (britney)
    * Waiting for Tonight (J Lo)
    * Club can't handle me (Flo Rida)
    * Yeah (Usher)
    * Joy and Pain (Old School Players)
    Anything Rihanna

    I could go on and on and on...

  12. SO excited ! my favorite song right now...well I have like 1 BILLION but to workout to or at least get me puped is Afrojack Ft. Eva Simons I want you to take over control...

    Shana Love you!


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