Monday, June 20, 2011

Jessica's Lifestyle Makeover: Weigh In #3

This is Jessica with her
 "I bet you can't guess how much weight I lost" face.....

Jessica's Lifestyle Makeover
Weigh in Number 3

Weight Last Week:  169
Weight This Week: 167
Weight Loss for the Week: 2 

Total Weight Loss Since 
Monday, May 30th: 5 

Jessica is on a steady road to a healthier lifestyle!  Slow & consistent weight loss is the best way to make sure the weight stays off long term.  GO JESSICA!

Lesson of the Week: Know what you eat BEFORE you eat it!

Jessica has been so diligent about tracking what she eats on  I'm impressed by her will power and ability to say no to things like chocolate cake.  The website is great because it accounts for your own height, weight and age along with your personal weight loss goal.  Jessica's goal is 2 pounds per weeks which is no easy task.  The site also breaks down the percentage of carbs, fat, fiber & protein you eat daily so that you can see where you might be off balance.  Anyway, she has been doing amazing minus one little lesson we learned on Father's husband made spare ribs on the grill to celebrate the occasion.  Jessica and I opted for turkey burgers (which were delicious by the way) but decided to splurge on 1 spare rib each.  How bad can it be right????   WRONG MOVE!  After dinner we looked up how many calories and fat are in one rib and in ONE RIB there are 300 calories and 26 grams of fat!!!!  That is almost all of her fat grams for one day!  While the ribs were delicious it wasn't really worth it.  Splurging is great but we now know we need to look things up before hand.  I'm normally pretty good at knowing how many calories are in food but ribs I was clearly not in the know.  After dinner we decided to take a quick stroll around the neighborhood to at least work off the calories in the ribs......One hour and 3 long hills later the rib calories were gone.


  1. OMG! All of that in just one rib!? I would have never guessed it. Best info to know for the summer. I found out something similar when I ate a whole bag of banana chips the other day at work- err!

  2. I know! One Rib! Geeze! I don't want to not enjoy the things in life that are good but come on!

  3. haha oh come on...well I'm a jew so no ribs for moi...SO proud of you Jessica!! Can't wait to see more success!!! Keep it up!!!Then you can come out to Vegas and we can all go SHOPPING for new clothes!!!!



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