Monday, June 13, 2011

Jessica's Second Official Weigh In

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Jessica's 2nd Official Weigh In

Last Week Weight:  169
This Week Weight:  169
Weekly Weight Loss:  0 lbs
Total Weight Lost: 3 lbs
Goal Weight:  140 by October 1st

Many of you might be thinking Bummer, she didn't lose any weight this week but actually this week was a MAJOR success!  Jessica spent 5 days at the beach with friends which isn't the best environment to go hard with your lifestyle makeover workouts.  You've got things like beer, drinks with umbrellas and fried food on the boardwalk.  With all of that temptation Jessica managed to maintain her weight for the week.  YAY!  How did she do it?  Below are a few actions she took to ensure she did the best she could while also trying to have fun and take a beach vacation:

  1. She made sure not to eat out for breakfast or lunch.  She purchased her own healthy snacks and made lunch so that she was never hungry but always had food ready.  
  2. Jessica spent lots of time getting in the water which actually is a great way to burn calories on vacation.
  3. Her dinner choices included seafood with no butter and things like shrimp which are high in protein and low in calories.  
  4. Ate pizza - YES!  This is good!  Splurging a little is important while you are on vacation.  Jessica used PORTION control so she could have what she wanted without going crazy.
All in all it was not a big weight loss week but successful as she used what she has learned and did the best she could.

Also, today is Jessica's birthday!  She indulged in a little piece of pie but proceeded to leave the rest at her mother's choice! 

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