Sunday, June 12, 2011

Dress Like The Athlete You Want To Become

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Virginia Beach
Rock & Roll 1/2 Marathon

San Diego
Rock & Roll

Ok, so maybe these aren't the best examples of when I dressed like the athlete I wanted to become.  These picture took place when I got a crazy idea to run a marathon and put on whatever was in my dresser drawers.  Now that I am a Spinning instructor I find that dressing like the athlete I want to become helps me reach my fitness goals.  Do you think Lebron James has an athletic fitness breakthrough wearing a worn down sneakers and a slightly deflated basketball?  Probably not!  I also think it is important to look and feel your best when you are working out.  I know, I are only sweating in these clothes but I promise if you invest is the best shoes, moisture wicking socks and properly fitted shirts you will not only look great but feel more comfortable during your workout.

Here are a few brands & places I like to buy workout gear:

Brands: Asics & Saucony (I'm not a fan of New Balance, Adidas or Nike)
Stores: Zappos & DSW have the best deals.  You can always go to a running store for the first time and have them fit you for the perfect shoe.

Brands:  Reebok, Danskin & Champion
Stores:  Zappos also has great clothes.  You can also get good generic & name brands at Marshall's or TJ Maxx.  I also find that Target's Champion brand works great and is affordable.  Lululemon or Lucy are my favorite when I am going to splurge a little.


  1. So so so true!!!! Great workout clothes are a part of the motivation. Working out makes you look great, and when you look great while working out, that much better. Great post!!

  2. Thanks Amanda! Glad you agree that feeling good includes proper workout (and cute for that matter) work out gear!

  3. Ooh! I love Saucony! I have 2 pairs and I get them at Big 5 for only 40 dollars!


  4. Hola Steiners aka Grecco, I finally linked on here quick... at a work meeting... where I should absolutely be working out in a great outfit! Wah Wah Wah... too many snacks and lil working out = no bueno! Love you.

  5. OMG! I got a post on looking good to perform good too! I've really never seen any gym member have a high fitness level in their painting clothes or their hair mashed up against one side of their head from sleeping on that side. :D



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