Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Leg & Cardio Workout Routine ALL IN ONE

  1. Warm Up:  Hold a 5 pound weight and spell out your FULL name using your whole body
  2. Squats:  (4 sets of 12)  using 24 pound body bar
  3. Jumping Jacks for one minute
  4. Dead Lifts & Back Row:  (3 sets of 12) using 18 pound body bar
  5. Jump rope in place for one minute
  6. Hamstrings on Ball:  (3 sets of 12) - SEE PICTURE BELOW
  7. Run in place with high knees for one minute
  8. Lunges:  (3 sets of 12)  using 8 or 10 pound weights in each hand
  9. Jump with both legs from left to right quickly for one minute
  10. Inner & Outer Thighs on Machine At The Gym:  (3 sets of 20)  
  11. Skip in place for one minute
  12. Side Leg Squats: (3 sets of 12) using 18 pound bar to start - SEE PICTURE BELOW
  13. Jump forward and backward with legs together for one minute
  14. Calf Raises:  (3 sets of 20)  using 24 pound bar on your shoulders
  15. Jumping Jacks in place for one minute
  16. Stretch & YOU ARE DONE!
This is Hamstrings on the Ball.  Start Here

End Here

Start Here

End Here


  1. Hey Sarah,
    Its photographer extraordinaire! I just want to say that I love, love, love your blog. Your ideas get better and better everyday! It's perfect for a workout junkie like myself. Keep them coming!!


  2. Yay! Glad you like it Edwina! I've heard from Shana that you look amazing and have been working hard towards your fitness goals. If you have suggestions, comments, success stories I would love to hear them!


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