Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Personal Trainer: Jillian Michaels

Today I only ONE hour to work out and I didn't want to waste 20 minutes of that hour commuting to and from the gym.  This is the story of my life.  Sometimes I don't have the time and sometimes I'd just rather meet up with a friend.  So I checked out Exercise TV on demand with Verizon Fios (I believe other cable companies have it too) and viola!  Several workouts including videos from Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper from The Biggest Loser.  I know, I know I AM the biggest loser but I LOVE THAT SHOW!  One of the workouts was even called The Last Chance Workout.  I was so happy.
The look so sweet until you get them at the gym and make your muscles hate you.

So I dug a little deeper to see what other workouts they had and here is what I found:

Beautify your Booty
Biggest Loser Workouts with Bob & Jillian
Arms of Envy
Boot Camp Cal Burn
Mens Fitness
Tae Bo
Latin Dance
Yoga & Pilates

The list goes on.  The good news is that now I can workout without leaving the house.  The bad news is that I really have no excuse......

Just me and my personal trainer Jillian.

Who knew Jillian could whoop your behind in the privacy of your own home?

Ok, she is now asking me to do Jumbo Jacks which look hard!

Here goes nothing!

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  1. I am completely addicted to Biggest Loser. I also really need to get more creative with the workouts. I don't have a gym membership right now and am using it an excuse to be lazy.

    P.S. Thanks for the comment!


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