Monday, April 18, 2011

Learn From The Caffeine Queen: Favorite 50 Calorie or Under Coffee Beverages

Coffee is something I can not live without and often think about 24 hours a day!  Which I guess is okay since I work for a coffee company.  It's not that I need the caffeine it is more that I need a beverage at all times.  I'm not a smoker, I don't do drugs and my vice is coffee.  I know, I know.....I'm totally wild & crazy with my  coffee addiction.....haha!

Coffee beverages & specialty drinks calories can add up if you're not careful.  Same with any beverage I suppose. While I love coffee I am not wasting calories on a Venti Mocha when I could have 2 pieces of real chocolate or bacon.  Here are my top caffeine beverage under 50 calories:

  1. French Press Coffee - 5 calories.  Get a good brand like Intellegencia, Peet's or Starbucks.  French press coffee (when done properly) is amazing with no sugar or cream.
  2. Cafe Americano - 5 calories.  This is simply espresso & hot water.  It is sweet, nutty and if you add 2 tablespoons of cream it is still under 50 calories.  Can also be done over ice.
  3. Cafe Misto or Cafe Ole with Soy - half brewed coffee & half steamed milk.  I use soy and do 2/3 coffee and 1/3 steamed soy. The steamed soy makes it taste like a latte.
  4. Iced Coffee with Cream (2 table spoons cream) -  Love iced coffee.  If you want to add sweetener like agave or Truvia it wil increase your calories but will still fall below 100.  African coffees taste best on ice because they have citrusy notes which are are in the summer.  Try Starbucks Gazebo Blend or Kenya.
  5. Dopio Espresso Con Panna - 2 shots of espresso topped with a little whipped cream.  Shocking that this is under 50 calories!  Make sure they just top it with whipped cream not douse it in whipped cream!
  6. Dopio Macchiato - 2 shots of espresso marked with a little bit of milk foam.
  7. Cappuccinos - Made with nonfat (12oz) are pushing it at 60 calories but still pretty great!  A good cappuccino is espresso with 1/3 steamed milk and the rest creamy and thick foam.
  8. Starbucks Passion Shaken Iced Tea - Sweetened is 60 calories & unsweetened is 5 calories.  I live it unsweetened.  This one is great hot too.  Also, this one is caffeine free but fulfills my need for a treat.
  9. Starbucks Shaken Green Iced Tea - Same as above.
  10. Chai Tea Bags (Tazo & Bigelow) - This is an acquired taste but if you like something a little spicy (think cinnamon and cardamon).  


    Here is my recent trip to Nicaragua where I was able to scoop my own freshly roasted coffee.  It was literally roasted a few minutes prior to me bagging it up.  Now that is FRESH!

    Me at Flor De Jinotega drinking my fancy cappuccino!

    Don't settle on a cappuccino that looks anything less than perfect!  It is really an art form.

    Me doing an official coffee cupping.  I don't mess around when it comes to coffee!

    Don Domingo and the ladies on his coffee farm.

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    1. Coffee Queen you are! I love me some iced BLACK Coffee from SCHTAAARBUCKS (said with a sean connery accent) You are very dainty Sarah with your espresso cup. haha

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