Sunday, April 10, 2011

Get Up & Go Workout #1 (Treadmill Routine PLUS Music)

Hello Everyone-

Here is my first customized workout on a treadmill with music just for YOU!  If you don't like any of the music feel free to pick your own tunes.  I realize Rihanna might not be for everyone.

If you have workouts you would like to see or feedback on this workout let me know.

Good luck & enjoy!
Get Up & Go

Treadmill Workout (45 Minutes Including Warm Up & Cool Down)

  1. Warm Up (Pumped Up Kicks by Foster The People) - Incline 1.0 with a speed of 4.0 (Don't skip a warm up!) 
  2. Medium Hill - (Ali in The Jungle by The Hours) - Increase incline by 1.0 every 30 seconds.  Keep speed between 4.0 & 4.5.  Try not to rely on the handle bars.  Use your arms to truck up that hill.
  3. Jog - (Please Don't Go by Mike Posner) - Incline 2.0 jog at 6.0
  4. Jog A Bit Faster - (Tighten Up by Black Keys) - Incline 2.0 jog at 6.5
  5. Sprint - (Sexual Revolution by Macy Gray) - Incline 1.0.  For this exercise you will run at 6.0 and sprint at 8.5.  Run for 15 seconds and then sprint for 15 seconds, run for 30 seconds and then sprint for 30 seconds, run for 45 seconds then sprint for 45 seconds etc.  Go all the way up to 1 minute and 30 seconds and then start over at 15 seconds.  Continue into the next song.
  6. Sprint - (Love is Gone by David Guetta & Chris Willis) - Same as above song.
  7. Hill Jog/Sprint - (How You Like Me Now by The Heavy) - Incline 7.5 Speed 4.0.  Every 60 seconds pick up the speed to 6.5 for 30 seconds.  
  8. Hill Walk - (Sail by Awholnation) - Incline 8.0 speed 4.0 entire song.
  9. Jog on a Medium Hill - (Faded by SoulDecision) - Incline 4.0 jog at speed 5.5 entire song.
  10. Run - (Strip Me by Natasha Bedingfield) - Incline 2.0 Speed 7.0 entire song.
  11. Sprint - (S&M by Rihanna) - Incline 1.0 Sprint 8.5 for 60 seconds then run at 5.0 for 30 seconds.  Repeat.
  12. Cool Down - (Home by Engineers) - Incline 0.0 and speed at 3.5.


  1. Sarah, you're rockin' it with the workouts... sharing this since half my FB friends are workout junkies, too. :) (And I'm signing in w/ my husband's Google profile... it's me, Amanda C.....)

  2. Cool! If any of your FB friends have comments, ideas or things that work for them I'd love to hear it! This site is really about helping stay motivated with fresh workout ideas.

    Good to hear from you!


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