Saturday, April 23, 2011

Are You Crunched For Time To Work Out?

I don't know about you all but my workouts during the work week can be cut short due to my busy schedule.  Sometimes it's just because I want to meet friends out for dinner or drinks!  Either way I sometimes only have 30 minutes to squeeze out the best workout possible.  A trainer once showed me a Bosu ball ( and how I can use it to work multiple parts of my body at the same time.  The Bosu ball has become a staple in all of my workouts.  Here is one of my favorite upper body exercises on the Bosu.  It works both upper body and core.

I suggest 3-4 sets of 12.  I use 5 lbs weights.  There are 4 consecutive moves to do.  Start with an upwards row.  Next do forward shoulder raises.  Thirdly, do shoulder raises to the side.  Finally bend over with a flat back and use your back muscles to do a reverse fly.  The reverse fly should feel like your shoulder blades are touching.  I've put pictures below.

Doing these on the Bosu works the core and burns more calories than doing it just standing on the floor.  It also helps with balance.  Keep your stomach tucked in and abs tights.  While you are at it go ahead and squeeze your butt too.

Hello!  Meet the Bosu ball.  

Step 1: Get free weights (I do 5 lbs weights) and carefully get on the ball as shown above.

Front shoulder raises.  Don't swing your arms just lift slowly.

Shoulder raise to the side.

Finally do the reverse fly.

For more of a challenge use the Bosu the other direction.
This requires a little more balance and core strength.

You can also use a body bar and do squats and biceps.  This is no joke!  You will feel how much harder it is.

Balancing with the Bosu the other direction CAN BE DONE!

Here are a few more ways to use the Bosu

You can do push ups on the Bosu.  Also if you are trying to mix in cardio do one push up and then get on your feet with the Bosu and lift it above your head.  Do that 20 times quickly and you will mix strength with cardio.

You can get an amazing oblique workout if you do a side plank on the Bosu and lift your hips and lower them 6 inches.  3 sets of 10 on each side will build your core & oblique strength.


  1. The Bosu is officially on my Christmas wish list! Try this one from my trainer. "Frog walk outs"

    Start by standing on the soft side (like in your second picture). Lower yourself down into a "frog" pose, down on your haunches, with your palms between your feet. Walk your hands and body out until you are in the push-up position (feet still on bosu ball). Beginners: Walk your hands back to the frog position, and then stand up. Advanced: Do a push-up before you walk your hands and body back to the frog position, and then stand up. Repeat. Enjoy! Ribbit :-)

  2. Thank you! I love any exercise called the "frog" Sara! If you find any more let me know.

  3. Wow, very impressive!! Need to try that at my gym again.


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