Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Build Muscle Burn Fat Workout #2 (With Music Included)

Hello Hello Hello!

Here is my latest treadmill hill workout.  This will build your calves, hamstrings, quads and rear.  Do the best you can and adjust to what fits your needs.  Have fun!

  1. Warm Up - Speed 4.0 incline 2.0 (Song: Singing In The Rain/Umbrella Glee Cast)
  2. Jog - Speed 4.5 Incline starts at 2.0 and increase by 0.5 every minute up to 4.0 (Song: Rude Boy by Rihanna)
  3. Hill Walk - Stay at speed 4.5 - 5.0.  Incline should be at 4.0 and you should increase by 0.5 every minute which will bring you to 6.0 (Song: Please by Toni Braxton)
  4. Hill Jog - Stay at Speed 4.5 to 5.5 and leave the incline the same.  Jog for 30 seconds on the 6.0 hill and then recover for 30 seconds (Song: Howlin For You by The Black Keys).
  5. Hill Walk - Go back to Speed 4.0 to 4.5 and increase incline by 0.5 every minute all the way to 8.0 (Song: ET by Katy Perry)
  6. Hill Walk - Stay at 4.0 speed and 8.0 incline for the entire song & try not to hold on to the side bars!  Butt should be burning at this point (Song: Touch The Sky by Kanye West)
  7. Hill Jog - Stay at 4.0 and increase the hill to 9.0.  Jog for 30 seconds and walk for 30 seconds  (Song: Just A Lil Bit by 50 Cent).  
  8. Hill Walk - Speed 4.0 and increase one last time to an incline of 10.0.  Jog for 20 seconds walk for 40 seconds for the entire song (Song: Little Secrets by Passion Pit).
  9. Hill Walk - Speed 4.0 and incline starts at 10.0.  Decrease by 0.5 every 30 seconds down to 7.0 (Song: Touch by Omarion).
  10. Hill Walk - Speed 4.5 and incline goes from 7.0 to 4.0 by decreasing every 30 seconds.
  11. Sprints - Speed starts at 4.0 and incline is 2.0.  Sprint for 30 seconds at 7.0 or higher then walk for 30 seconds.  Repeat (Song: Not in Love by Crystal Castles).
  12. Cool Down - Speed 3.5 and 0.0 incline (Song: Waiting For The End by Linkin Park).

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