Friday, May 13, 2011

Take Time To Smell The Cactus

On my recent trip to San Diego I learned a few things:

ONE:  To take advantage of every beautiful day.
I had 3 days to get the most out of my short trip to San Diego.  The hotel gym seemed like a totally lame way to work out so I did some reading in the hotel directory and found out there was a daily nature walk.  SCORE!  So often I go to the gym as part of my routine when I could really get outside.  While I might not burn as many calories I had a relaxing walk and completely cleared out my mind.         
Best hour and 15 minute workout all week.

TWO: Learn A Little About Your Indigenous Wildlife:
The tour guide knew so much about the flowers, cactus and plants on our walk.  It was really impressive and made me feel like a complete fool for not knowing anything about my town/state.  Next time I go on the trail near my house I am finding a way to figure out at least 3 plants on the trail.

THREE: Live On The Edge & Try Something New
On our trip there was one activity included at no charge.  We picked ocean kayaking.  Nine people out of 200 signed up for this.  I felt like a real risk taker!  I love the water but am pretty freaked out by big waves.  The water was cold (wore a wet suit for crying out loud) and the sky was gray.  The weather was about 60 degrees.  All other kayaking companies cancelled their trips because of the weather.....but not ours (that would be too easy).  I tried to get passed the waves twice before I threw in the towel.  On my husband's third try the guide got shot by a sting ray.  We gracefully bowed out of the trip after that.  6 of the 9 people made it and out of those 6 people 2 of them threw up in the water because of the choppiness.  I don't regret any of this for a second.  At least I tried something new!  

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  1. Yes! I wish I could do all of these things with you every weekend! Can't wait till you come out!



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