Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Step It UP! I HEART My Pedometer!

My company has this competition to help promote health and they gave us all pedometers.  We record how many steps we take and how many minutes we work out.  I thought it was such a cool idea!  I run around ALL THE TIME but have no clue just how many steps I take.    Well day one during the work week I walked over 10,000 steps!  This made me think about how many more steps I could take to increase calories burned per week.  It takes just over 2,000 steps to make a mile.  So without working out I'm already averaging 5 miles a day.  So starting today I am walking an extra 30 minutes a day to see if I can get to 15,000 steps a day.  

Top 3 Reasons You Should Get a Pedometer:
1.  It is REALLY inexpensive
2.  Walking is relaxing & you can get a friend to join you
3.  Because if you don't I will be the only dork using a pedometer


  1. my favorite piece of exercise tech is my heart rate monitor. My runs improved tremendously with it.

  2. you give new insight to the mundane and make it worth while!

  3. Muddy Dog (or my friend Jim) - You are so right. I am addicted to my heart rate monitor. What a game changer that was in my workout. Just got my step daughter to ge one.

  4. Anonymous (or my friend Troy) - Thanks for your comment! I take great joy in making normaly things seem less ordinary.


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