Monday, May 30, 2011

Meet My Newest Client!

Meet My Newest Client 
Jessica Grecco
(AKA My Husbands Oldest Daughter)

Current Height: 5'7
Current Weight: 172 lbs
Goal Weight:  140 lbs

A little bit about my client:  
Jessica graduated from college a few weeks ago and will soon become a middle school history teacher.  To kick off her new career she wants to workout, feel healthy and and find her Get Up & Go.  I'm so thrilled she is allowing me to become her personal health consultant and sharing her tips, struggles and success with all of you!

I'm going to track her progress every Monday on my blog so you can watch her get to her goal weight.  I'll also post eating plans, workout agendas and tools she is using to get to her desired goal.

Jessica has graciously allowed me to track her progress for the world to see (so brave, I know!).  She has even agreed to a before and after picture of this journey.  I'll post those next week along with what she ate, her workout regiment & anything that you might find useful.  


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