Friday, March 11, 2011

Welcome To Grecco A Go-Go

Hello & Welcome to Grecco A Go-Go!  

The place to find a little daily inspiration on how to find your get up and go.  I can't wait to share my favorite tips on how to eat healthy and burn calories in the most fun way.  It should never require giving up your favorite foods (hmmm....bacon) or feeling guilty you skipped a the gym because you just didn't feel like going.  Fitness is something that should feel therapeutic  (if it doesn't you're doing it wrong) and create more energy in your life.  Same goes with food.  Deprivation of things you love isn't good for you and actually makes you want it more.  I'm not saying you should eat cheesecake for dinner by any means but there are ways to feel satisfied without overdoing it.  Here are the 3 life changing reasons I love working out and eating right:

1. My life is stressful (who's isn't right?).  Working out makes me a nicer person to everyone.  Anytime I am being grumpy my husband tells me to go to the gym.  We always get along better afterwards.

2. I haven't been sick in 2 years.  Literally.  No cough.  No runny nose.  No flu.  I fully credit this to my combination of working out & mindfully eating (i'll give my awesome vitamins credit too).

3. You will never hear me say I'm tired.  This is because I actually never feel tired.  When I do feel a little spent I spend 30 minutes doing some kind of exercise (even random sporadic exercise which you will learn about soon) and voila....I have enough get up and go for the rest of my day.

Thanks for reading my blog & please oh please share your get up and go secrets.

Let's make every day better than the last!


  1. Hey Sarah!

    This is really a great blog! Very motivating and I love your personal twist on keeping fitness fun and enjoyable which is something many people forget to do, KEEP IT FUN! Keep up the great work girl!


  2. Thanks Stephanie! Fun is right. Without it life would be boring. Life would also be boring without wine and chocolate!


  3. Thanks for the follow and comments on my blog

    I am glad to have found your blog, too, and have enjoyed reading some of your posts.

    Will follow you too!


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