Saturday, March 12, 2011

Perky Tatas + Sleek Arms = Feeling 22 Again

Get up and go rule #1:  Always strive for perky tatas & firm underarms!

I love this clip from the movie The Sweetest Thing with Christina Appelgate & Cameron Diaz.  It sums up in 34 second how gravity takes a toll on your boobs and arms.  Don't be a victim to gravity.  You are NEVER too old or too out of shape to have your best breasts & arms.  Here is my secret to fighting gravity head on.....PUSH UPS!  Yes folks, it's that easy.

Every night before I go to bed I do push ups.  That's right.  Every night, no excuses.  You don't need a gym.  You can do them while you are on travel.  It takes less than 2 minutes.  I dropped one bra size (cup size stayed the same YAY) from a 36 to 34.  It took me only 30 days to drop a size and only 10 days to see a difference.  

My goal was to be able to do 15 full push ups (no wimpy on the knee push ups). So far I've been going strong for 4 months and have seen such a HUGE improvement in not only my arms & tatas but in my abs.  Even if you can't do even one push up you can build to 15 pretty quickly.  My upper body strength was pretty weak and I started only being able to do one.  Now I'm up to 10 full push ups and 5 lady push ups.  Once I get to 15 I hope to continue growing that number.  

Form is critical.  Don't cheat yourself.  I've linked a video below on how to do the perfect push up.  Good luck!  Please feel free to leave your comments!


  1. Very awesome my friend. Very proud of you. Keep going..

  2. Thanks Gary! I really appreciate your encouraging comment. I'm always open to suggestions.

  3. so what did you do about the 14 you couldnt do?


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