Sunday, March 27, 2011

Bikram Yoga. Just Do It........

Let me start this post by saying I am the least flexible person in the world!  I have NEVER been able to bend over and touch the ground.  Literally never, not once, not even when I was 5.  The picture below shows how far I can reach.  What it doesn't show is how much pain I am in just going that far.  Don't mind Squiggy in the background.  You'll notice him in may of my pictures.  He is very curious.......

By changing up my workout with Bikram Yoga the goal is.......

I am someone who likes instant gratification.  Hence why I am in sales.  I've always disliked yoga because it didn't conjure up the same amount of sweat that it does when I'm in a spinning or weight lifting class.  I need that instant gratification of sweat to feel satisfied with my workout.  Until now......

I love, love, LOVE saunas, steam rooms, desert climate and working out.  Why not mix the two?  And so it addiction to Bikram Yoga was born.

Now, if you've read the beginning of this blog and aren't quite digging the concept of working out + saunas then maybe you should skip the rest of this blog.  If you've somehow become excited and are jumping for joy at the thought of sweating out your entire existence read on....

You know that feeling you get on the first warm day of spring or summer when you jump right into the swimming pool (or any body of water for that matter) and come up for air?  That refreshing feeling when you hop out and dry off solely from the heat of the sun?  That is Bikram Yoga!  I swear you will sweat out every terrible thing you have eaten (loads of chocolate for me) from the last 24 hours.  It is a feeling that is rare and hard to explain.  You should just do it.  This absolutely will give you the best get up and go.

If You're New To Bikram Yoga:
  1. Stay well hydrated for the 24 hours leading up to the class.  
  2. Don't eat 2 hours prior to the class.  Too much food or water will create nausea.
  3. Give it more that one chance!  It took me about 3 classes to really get into it.  
  4. Find an instructor you like.  Not every instructor is the same and the best instructors make a clear difference in the enjoyment level of your class.
If you are a Bikram Yoga pro or attend the practice regularly I would LOVE to hear any tips you have on how to get the most out of your class.  Enjoy and happy hot yoga!


  1. haha, you are too cute with your non-flexibility! You go girl, I really tried to like Bikram..I did..then I had a panic attack and went to kickboxing...I just can't bear it! But perhaps I will try your hints!



  2. Hi Sarah! No, you were not the most inflexible person in the world to start yoga. I was. I had to spend about 4 months with a block before I could do triangle pose! I'm glad I started it with a humble heart!

    I love that picture with Kitty in the corner.

    I hate heat! But I'm usually willing to try something that will get me good results.

    :-) Marion


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