Monday, June 4, 2012

What Time Is It? I've Got No CLUE!

What time is it?  Who CARES!  

I love these two small watches I got in Vegas at Goodwill.  Do they tell time?  Nope, but they are TOTALLY awesome.  Plus, you know what is better than wearing one watch?  Yep, wearing 2....or 3 or 4 many instances.....(to be seen later).

So a little fun fact for you:
The gold watch by Halston is no longer made and has an interesting history.  Halston was a famous designer in the 50's that started designing hats.  But of course drugs got the best of him and his once popular brand took a nose dive but not before it was reinvented and purchased many times (by SJP for example).  Click here for Wikipidia's Halston 101.  

I love a good accessory with a story!

Then we have the tacky 80's red watch with some super fabulous decoration.  I couldn't resist.  Who doesn't want fantastic arm bling?

Also, I woke up today excited to go to work.  I heart my job.  Sorry!  I know I am the minority and NOT the majority....

Even though I am wildly in love with my job the below still happens....

Is there anyone else out there who loves there job?

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  1. I do believe I like you! Love the history lesson on a thrifted item too!

    Thank you for stopping by my blog! You've got a new fan here!

    And Barry rocks. I knew every.single.word. to Copa Cabana.

  2. Thank you for your comment!
    Sometimes I wear 2 or more as a bracelet!

  3. My one watch is a little too large to wear 2 watches. Maybe I should downsize lhaha!

  4. Both those watches are cute and that's a really neat story behind the Halston. I always enjoy learning about things like that.

    I absolutely loooove my job too and I know we are in the minority. A very wise teacher once told us to find a job and do it until the day you love it and then quit. She kept a resignation letter in her desk her entire teaching career and when her heart wasn't in it anymore she turned in that notice and walked away from teaching two weeks later. Hopefully both of us have many, many years of enjoyable work in our futures!

  5. YAY!!!! So I'm not the only one who wears watches that don't work. And it's soooo funny when people ask me the time and I tell them idk. They look at me like I'm totally crazy as if to say 'well wth are you wearing a watch then'!!!


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